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Greater efficiency and time savings of 60 percent for wire and cable identification

The Thermomark E Series marking system combines printing and application in one step, saving approximately 60% of the time in industrial marking tasks. It improves efficiency by enabling clear and uniform marking of components throughout the product lifecycle of a control cabinet. The system reduces the previously time-consuming process of printing, separating, and mounting markings on cables, wires, and components. It enhances safety and simplifies workflows with visible and permanent identification.

Automated identification

Automated identification

The Thermomark E Series marking system by Phoenix Contact automates printing and applying of marking materials in a single step, resulting in 60% time savings. It offers an efficient and user-friendly identification process with high-quality markings, improving longevity and durability.

Modular marking system

Modular marking system

The Thermomark E Series is a modular marking system with applicators connected to a thermal transfer roll printer. It offers flexible wire and cable identification solutions without additional devices, saving resources and space.

Efficient wire and cable identification

Efficient wire and cable identification. THERMOMARK E SERIES

Thermomark E Series provides three applicators for automated wire and cable identification. The E.Wire creates movable cable markers, the E.Sleeve processes shrink sleeves, and the E.Wrap applies wire-wrap labels. Each applicator offers specific features for efficient and precise marking based on different cable diameters.

Seamless software-supported marking processes

Standard IEC 61439 requires clear and permanent identification of devices in control cabinets. The marking software by Phoenix Contact allows for efficient data import from digital circuit diagrams, enabling the automatic transfer of marking information. Intuitive functions facilitate wire and cable identification, reducing errors. The Marking System software provides an overview of the project, guiding users through the identification process. The information can be displayed on a separate monitor or the Thermomark E Series device.

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