The Smart Production Library in PLCnext Technology

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Quick and easy programming, visualization, and diagnostics

The Smart Production Library for PLCnext Technology

The Smart Production Library for PLCnext Technology by Phoenix Contact enables companies to meet changing market needs, customized buyer demands, energy sustainability, and labor shortages through digitalization efforts. The library simplifies programming, visualization, and diagnostics in the engineering environment, making code generation and commissioning faster and easier.

Adapting to each application via drag-and-drop

Adapting to each application via drag-and-drop

The generator configuration file enables fully automatic visualization creation. The library includes functions for diagnostics, operating modes, and various technologies. The HMI web server handles visualization without data storage on display devices. Function blocks combine logic, visualization, and diagnostics, simplifying configuration. The interface features generic animations, easily customizable by adjusting parameters. The library supports extensions, drag-and-drop objects, and multiple languages.

The Library is divided into three functional areas: Basic functions, Operating mode functions, and Technology functions.

Library split into three functional areas. PLCnext technology.

Basic functions: Diagnostics of the controller and client access control, including exclusive mode and alarm management.

Operating mode functions: Support for various operating modes and safety features.

Technology functions: Control for actuators, sensors, and energy measuring devices, with the ability to add more technologies as needed.

Creating visualizations in just a few minutes

Creating visualizations in just a few minutes. PLCnext technology.

A clear application program structure aids visualization generation. The HMI generator features two methods: a comprehensive overview and selective visualization for stations. It quickly creates visualizations, saving time. Changes are immediate, ensuring error-free operation and consistent data management between PLCnext Engineer and the PLC.

Cloud integration via app from the PLCnext Store

The Smart Production Library is part of the PLCnext Technology ecosystem, enabling the integration of standard PLC programming with high-level languages for real-time execution. Cloud connection is facilitated through apps like “Node Red for PLCnext,” ensuring system availability without impacting automation processes.

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