Safe power supplies in the process industry

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Certification, redundancy, and functional safety

The Quint Power Plus version of power supplies are ideal for applications that place extreme demands on availability and safety. All types of faults regarding system availability are monitored by the functions included with the Plus version. Thanks to the combination of integrated redundancy, double OVP, and SIL 3 approval, plus the protective coating and ATEX/IECEx approval, Quint Power sets new standards for safe supply in the process industry.

System availability, power plant

In addition to high system availability, users of the Plus version also benefit from space and cost savings thanks to the simplified layout in the control cabinet. There is no need for additional external modules either, with the reduced wiring effort providing further cost savings.

Permanent system availability and high operational safety are of paramount importance in the process industry. Particularly stringent requirements are placed on security of supply wherever the failure of systems would result in high costs or even incidents that would endanger people and the environment. Whether in the production, transport or processing of oil and gas, or in production plants or package units in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry, highly complex process systems must satisfy the growing demands on system safety, even under extreme conditions.

Overvoltage protection (OVP):

For example, the failure of just one controller in a refinery can cause major damage, which is why the devices used here must be particularly safe. The new Plus version of the Quint Power power supplies has a 20 A nominal output current, making it ideal for use in the process industry. With its integrated decoupling MOSFET, it enables safe supply in a redundant setup. In addition, thanks to its double overvoltage protection (OVP) in the form of two protective circuits, the Plus version switches the output off in order to protect the consumer against overvoltages. Operational safety is further enhanced by the protective coating and SIL 3 approval.

Unintentional system downtimes prevention

The new Plus version with integrated decoupling MOSFET is suitable for 1+1 and n+1 redundancy in the process industry. This saves a lot of space in the control cabinet. In parallel operation, the power supplies are completely decoupled from one another. In the event of a device fault or failure, the other device automatically takes over the entire power supply and prevents unintentional system downtimes.

Unlike other marketable standard power supplies with an integrated decoupling function, Quint Power is the only one to provide preventive function monitoring. Individually adjustable signaling thresholds for the output current detect and indicate asymmetrical load distributions or overloads in the event of a fault. This enables the user to swiftly restore redundancy. In the process industry, the control and signaling of faults plays an important role in achieving consistently high system availability.

Overvoltage Protection

The TÜV-certified double OVP reduces the risk of system downtime considerably. It meets the demands for functional safety (SIL) on the basis of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, the safety standards for the process industry. With a safety integrity level of SIL 3 and hardware fault tolerance (HFT) = 1, it increases operational safety. In the event of a voltage control fault, the Quint Power Plus version limits the output voltage of the power supply to less than or equal to 30 V DC before the power supply disconnects in order to protect the consumers. In redundant operation, the loads will therefore still be supplied steadily, safely, and reliably.

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