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Lightning Strikes | Receive online notifications in your system

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Footprints of Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes in systems

Lightning strikes in systems

Lightning strikes may cause devastating damage to buildings and facilities. Depending on the energy, there is massive destruction or damage, which may cause not so obvious, yet consequential cumulative destruction. Lastly, additional risk persists for high, large or exposed located structures.

The Lightning Monitoring System LM-S from Phoenix Contact captures lightning strikes and also analyzes the peak current, specific energy and charge of lightning surge currents. It consists of sensors for the down conductors of a lightning protection system and the analyzer. This data is easily accessible via the integrated web interface at any time from any place. It provides lightning strike information of the facility and enables preventive maintenance. Based on data from the LM-S system, measures take place quickly in order to avoid consequential damage and downtime. Taking this into consideration, maintenance or service work will be unnecessary as long as the effect is noncritical.

Burj Khalifa - Lightning Strikes Prevention - LMSIn structures that are not significantly prone to but have lightning-related sites, LM-S comes in handy for lightning research.

Phoenix Contact Lightning Monitoring System is installed on world-famous buildings such as Burj Khalifa.

Click here for more information about our LM-S system.

SOLARCHECK RSD Poll: Participcate to win a reflex camera

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SOLARCHECK RSD – Photovoltaic Panel Shutdown

SOLARCHECK RSD from Phoenix Contact makes working on photovoltaic systems so safe.

Solarcheck rsd

SOLARCHECK RSD consists of units for shutting down the individual photovoltaic panels and startup units, which are used to restart the system. Each shutdown unit disconnects the corresponding panel from the string group. The disconnection takes place automatically in the event of a fault and each time the inverter is shut down. The maximum value for the entire DC side of the photovoltaic system is then in the range of the safety extra-low voltage. There is no risk of an electric shock.

More on Photovoltaic panel shutdown

Show us that you are familiar with our PV Panels by participating in this poll. Select the right image, ‪VOTE and get a chance to ‪WIN an ‪SLR ‪‎camera!

Hand Tools for industrial electrical installation

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Hand Tools for industrial electrical installation

First of all, to be able to acheive good results, you must use professional tools. Our wide range of high-quality hand tools impress with their high quality. As a result, Phoenix Contact tools offer a suitable solution for every application in electrical engineering.

Whether it is cutting, stripping, crimping, screwing, and measuring, Phoenix Contact provides you with the best hand tools.

It’s Tool Time

Hand Tools - CRIMPFOX CENTRUSHand tools and automatic devices have become essential for conductor pretreatment in the day-to-day workflow of manufacturing companies (across all industries). High-quality components contribute to Phoenix Contact’s tools, hence provide you with:

  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Low manual force, thanks to optimum leverage
  • Specially hardened tool steels
  • Consistently high processing quality, even during continuous use.

Quality Standards: We maintain a high standard of quality right from the initial development stage.

High-quality toots: Our tools ensure maximum durability, thanks to the use of especially hardened tool steels.

Quality assurance: The high precision of our products is ensured by means of regular inspection. Continue reading

Vote for SOLARCHECK RSD and win an SLR camera

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The GIT Security Award nominated Phoenix Contact’s Photovoltaic SOLARCHECK RSD panel shutdown as a finalist. Therefore, your Vote counts!

How to ensure electrical safety in photovoltaics systems?

Electrical equipment with voltage of 120 V DC or more must always be disconnected. This is as a general health and safety measure to protect against electric shock. Ideally, it should also be possible to put the photovoltaic systems automatically into a safe state as a result.

SOLARCHECK RSD makes working on photovoltaic systems so safe

SOLARCHECK RSD safely and automatically shuts down your system during installation, maintenance, or in dangerous situations. Photovoltaic rooftop systems generate DC voltages of up to 1000 V, therefore it is not easy to disconnect them on the DC side. If for instance, the system is damaged, this presents a problem. SOLARCHECK RSD automatically switches your system to a safe state. hence protect you from life-threatening electric shocks during installation and maintenance or in dangerous situations.

A jury with representatives from BHE, TÜV, VDMA, ZVEI, integrators, and users decided to nominate the automatic SOLARCHECK RSD photovoltaic panel shutdown as a finalist for the GIT Security Award.

Each year, the Wiley VCH publishing house awards the prize from the GIT Security trade journal for innovative products and systems in safety technology. There are five categories that the products fall under. SOLARCHECK RSD belongs to category B, which covers fire protection, Ex protection, and occupational health and safety.

This product independently puts photovoltaic systems into a safe state. Therefore, it protects personnel against potentially lethal electric shocks during installation and maintenance or in dangerous situations.

We invite all readers and those interested in the GIT Sicherheit journal and the international GIT Security journal to vote.

You have until 31st August to cast your vote. Click here to vote and get a chance to win an SLR camera from the Wiley VCH publishing house.

Find more information on how SOLARCHECK RSD makes working on photovoltaic systems so safe.

PROFICLOUD – The cloud system for PROFINET

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PROFICLOUD is the intelligent solution for the industry

PROFICLOUDThe PROFICLOUD system enables easy and secure communication and control of machines and systems across different locations worldwide. The unique combination of the proven PROFINET standard and Cloud services offers brand new possibilities for automation, including in the Industrie 4.0 environment.

Distributed automation becomes significantly easier with the cloud system, regardless of where your network devices are located. This enables manufacturers to monitor the status of their systems installed anywhere in the world. The evaluation of the data gathered shows, for example, potential failures at an early stage, thereby saving time and money.

Your advanatges

  • You may extend your PROFINET network to include PROFICLOUD services, without requiring any further specialist knowledge
  • Maximum flexibility, thanks to automation across border, from any location, via the internet
  • Easy engineering, as distributed devices and PROFICLOUD network services appear in the local PROFINET network
  • Efficient automation, thanks to preconfigured and preprogrammed PROFICLOUD products
  • Secure communication, thanks to TLS encryption

Furthermore, you can call up data and store it using the cloud services. In addition to current electricity tariffs or the local time, you can also integrate weather data or complex calculations into the PROFINET application.

PHOENIX CONTACT helped shape the trend towards Ethernet-based automation technology from an early stage. Our many years of expertise influence all our products developments, from connectors to programmable logic controllers. By developing our own technology for ASICs, PROFINET controllers or PROFIsafe, we are able to be independent while still ensuring full compatibility with the standard.

Visit our website to learn more about this cloud system technology.

ISA UAE Automation – Setting the Standard for Automation

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ISA UAE Automation Conference and Exhibition 2016

ISA Automation Conference & ExhibitionThe ISA UAE Automation Conference and Exhibition 2016 is a full-scale conference and exhibition in the Gulf Region dedicated for process automation and will be held to emphasize on the local content and to reflect the true position of UAE as a major market of automation products and technologies.

The event will provide an opportunity for the Automation Industry professionals and End Users to network and share best-case practices. It will also provide them with the knowledge about the latest technologies and applications on measurement, control and safety. The event will take place in Abu Dhabi on the 30th and 31st of May 2016 at St. Regis Hotel.

Phoenix Contact will be present at the show. Visit our Stand 26 – 27 to be able to see our comprehensive portfolio for the process industry and automation.

Click here to register for the exhibition.


The oil and gas industry is changing: both producers and operators need to increase the efficiency of their systems. Due to the recent drop in oil prices around the world, demand for efficient, safer and cost effective operations by End Users of the Energy sector has increased and most of all increased the growing need for communication between the Automation Industry and the End Users.

President Obama visits Phoenix Contact booth

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President Obama visits Phoenix Contact at the Hannover Messe

President Obama visits Phoenix Contact at the Hannover Messe

On 25th April, 2016, President Barack Obama visited the Phoenix Contact booth together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the opening of the Hannover Messe.

CEO Frank Stührenberg as well as the President of the U.S. subsidiary, Jack Nehlig, greeted the heads of state. Stührenberg served as the spokesperson for a number of new developments in a variety of product ranges. He showed the prominent guests charging connectors for electric mobility.

The CCSplus fast charging system can charge at up to 350,000 watts – within three to five minutes. Therefofre, it can provide an electric car battery with enough power to drive 100 km.

This system is available for both the European and American markets and comes with the corresponding standardized plugs. It not only fulfills user requirements for fast charging, but also represents an important milestone in the spread of electric mobility, which both the American and German governments seek to promote. Continue reading

Phoenix Contact Middle East is a Great Place To Work For!

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PHOENIX CONTACT Middle East Employees completed the Great Place to Work® Employee Survey in 2015

The final feedback and results were GREAT! Phoenix Contact Middle East is a Great Place To Work For!
Great Place To Work

The Great Place to Work survey provides and enables employees, managers and the company as a whole the following:

  1. Opportunity for feedback and for participation in the cultural development.
  2. Identifying strengths and opportunities for improvements in the business environment.
  3. Measurable target tracking in ”Excellence in Leadership” & Communication”.

PHOENIX CONTACT Middle East achieved an 82% Trust Index, thus ranking amongst the Best Companies in the country.

As a result, 94% of employees stated that „Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.“

About GPTW – Great Place to Work®

GPTW is a global research and management consultancy that recognises the best workplaces in over 50 countries worldwide. Its mission is to improve peoples’ lives and create a better society by improving the workplace experience. GPTW provide a simple, research-driven methodology that could be widely used to understand and assess organisations. Companies from all over the world used this employee survey because they want to create strong workplace cultures based on trusting relationships. In conclusion, Great Place to Work believes that in a society of great workplaces, employees feel respected, proud, and trust. As a result, the management commits to “doing the right thing.”

Read the news on our website.

Industrie 4.0 |How digitalization transforms industries

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Industrie 4.0

The world is changing: it is becoming more digital, intelligent, and flexible. Initiatives such as Industrie 4.0, is providing the first responses to the question of how digitalization will affect industry.

The production of the future, currently known as Industrie 4.0 or IOT, is gaining increasing influence in our industry, including of course at Phoenix Contact.

Fair trade panel, Industrie 4.0, easy to use

Industrie 4.0 is the intelligent production technology of tomorrow. Man, machine and the product itself join forces in an intelligent and an independent network.

Together with customers and partners, we are actively shaping solutions for the future. We  almost have 100 years of experience in machine building and automation. Therefore, we are forced to take the digitalization of our world and turn it into the intelligent production of tomorrow.

Roland Bent -Executive Vice President Marketing and Development at Phoenix Contact said: “An Engineer should never be asked whether there is a limit to what is possible or can be developed. If people in the 1920s had asked, is there a limit to what is possible with electrical engineering? then I believe they never would have thought to mention the things that have long since become self-evident for us today.”

More about Industrie 4.0

Hannover Messe 2016 - Industrie 4.0Come and join us at Hannover Messe 2016 – the World’s most important industrial fair and discuss with our experts a huge range of products, systems, and solutions based on the Industrie 4.0 approach.

Visit our Stand F40 in Hall 9

25. – 29.04.2016 in Hanover, Germany

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