Hand Tools for industrial electrical installation

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Hand Tools for industrial electrical installation

First of all, to be able to acheive good results, you must use professional tools. Our wide range of high-quality hand tools impress with their high quality. As a result, Phoenix Contact tools offer a suitable solution for every application in electrical engineering.

Whether it is cutting, stripping, crimping, screwing, and measuring, Phoenix Contact provides you with the best hand tools.

It’s Tool Time

Hand Tools - CRIMPFOX CENTRUSHand tools and automatic devices have become essential for conductor pretreatment in the day-to-day workflow of manufacturing companies (across all industries). High-quality components contribute to Phoenix Contact’s tools, hence provide you with:

  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Low manual force, thanks to optimum leverage
  • Specially hardened tool steels
  • Consistently high processing quality, even during continuous use.

Quality Standards: We maintain a high standard of quality right from the initial development stage.

High-quality toots: Our tools ensure maximum durability, thanks to the use of especially hardened tool steels.

Quality assurance: The high precision of our products is ensured by means of regular inspection.

Personalized Tools

Hand Tools - Laser labellingFurthermore you can get your personal, high-quality tool for the entire electrical installation in the industrial area. We supply permanent laser engraving for stripping and crimping tools. You can therefore personalize and customize your tools and make them your own.

  • Easily legible and permanent laser marking
  • Marking for specific personnel or activities
  • Prevent mix-ups or theft

Finally, all the tools that can be marked are found online at Phoenix Contact. They have the “CUS” sequence in their designation. The marking data is entered directly for the item and is consequently part of the ordering/request process.

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