Push-X: Tool-free connection increases efficiency

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Push-X technology

New connection – yet proven a billion times over

Phoenix Contact has introduced the Push-X technology, a tool-free connection method that enables flexible conductor connections without pretreatment. This innovative technology uses the Push-in connection from Phoenix Contact, which has been used for years and is primarily found in the terminal block sector. Additionally, the new technology uses a trigger inside the terminal block, triggers a pre-tensioned spring, and has been redesigned for vertical connection.

One connection compatible with all conductors

The Push-X system is suitable for all types of conductors, including rigid and flexible ones. It uses a pretensioned spring on delivery, releasing the locking mechanism with light pressure. Eeven the smallest flexible conductors can be connected without tools. The orange actuating push button signals the connection and audible feedback. The system is easy to release and reuse, with any tool being used to return the button to its original position.

Push-X technology

New to the market, but already a whole family

The Push-X family has also introduced new XTV terminal blocks, available in nominal cross-sections of 6 mm², 10 mm², and 16 mm². These terminal blocks are part of the Clipline Complete system, offering advantages such as vertical connection, lateral entry, and easy-to-read terminal point marking. Furthermore, the XTV technology is compatible with other systems and can be combined with other accessories. So, switching to using terminal blocks with Push-X technology will not be a problem. The terminal blocks are similar to spring-cage and Push-in terminal blocks.

Save a lot of time with Push-X technology

The All Electric Society is transforming infrastructure for renewable energy distribution and storage, increasing demand for switchgear and controlgear systems. To improve efficiency, tool-free connection technologies like Push-in and Push-X are being used. Push-X eliminates the need to change tools and requires no further checks, making it quick and easy to switch.

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