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Narrow Ex i signal conditioners with functional safety for all signal directions and types

Mini Analog Pro

Phoenix Contact has introduced the Mini Analog Pro series to address issues related to intrinsically safe explosion protection and functional safety in process plants and power-to-X systems. Furthermore, these devices offer slim designs, user-friendly operation, and support various signal types, including analog, digital, control, and measuring signals. Moreover, they provide intrinsically safe explosion protection and SIL 3 functional safety for all signal directions and types in a compact 6.2-millimeter width. As a result, this eliminates the need for redundant SIL 2 components in SIL 3 applications. Additionally, these products hold international Ex approvals, making them suitable for global use.

Space savings of at least 50 percent

Mini Analog Pro

The Mini Analog Pro series offers slim signal conditioners and measuring transducers for space-efficient signal processing in process technology. They reduce cabinet space needs by at least 50% and feature front-facing terminal points, coded connection blocks for easy replacement, and an integrated disconnect function for servicing, all while maintaining stability in demanding applications.

Current measurement without disconnecting the current loop

Mini Analog Pro

The Mini Analog Pro series terminal blocks simplify current measurement without the need to disconnect the current loop, ensuring uninterrupted operation. These devices have integrated current measuring points in their connection terminal blocks, allowing safe current measurement. They are designed for safety-related applications according to IEC 61508, achieving SIL 3 safety integrity levels in single-channel (1oo1) configurations.

Wide temperature range and extended altitude range

Mini Analog Pro

The new circuit technology in Mini Analog Pro devices allows them to operate from -40°C to 70°C, covering all signal types, unlike most wider devices on the market. These products also simplify use at high altitudes by documenting suitable Ex i values up to 5,000 meters, reducing user calculations.

Wide range of configuration options

Mini Analog Pro

The Mini Analog Pro series offers versatile configuration options for its devices. Users can connect them to a PC for setup using an isolating programming adapter, while the ClipX Engineer Device Parameterization software simplifies configuration with step-by-step wizards. Additionally, a free classic FDT/DTM solution supports manufacturer-independent configuration. These devices also support configuration via DIP switches and a built-in NFC chip, and a new Signal Conditioner app with extended features is available for iOS and Android.

Easy integration into existing systems

Mini Analog Pro

The Mini Analog Pro series is compatible with the MACX Analog product family, offering versatile options for signal conditioning and measuring. These devices are intrinsically safe and functionally safe (SIL 3 1oo1), suitable for safety-related applications in extreme conditions. They integrate easily into existing systems, providing comprehensive solutions for functional safety and explosion protection.

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