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All Electric Society

Phoenix Contact aims to support national and international users in implementing an All Electric Society (AES) by 2030. The All Electric Society Park in Germany demonstrates this by demonstrating the path from renewable energy production to distribution and consumption. The park covers over 7,800 square meters and uses advanced battery and hydrogen synthesis systems to store energy for future use. Visitors can see the efficient use of energy at charging stations, production facilities, and transportation infrastructure. The park’s interactive glass cubes provide a self-explanatory view of energy availability and demand.

Solar panels on trackers and roofs, on the facade, and on the sidewalks

The All Electric Society Park utilizes 550 solar panels, solar trackers, and automation technology to generate 155,000 kilowatt hours of green electricity annually. Furthermore, Solar pavers and wind turbines are integrated into the park, ensuring renewable energy from the sun and wind.

Storage system as a battery booster for e-vehicle fast charging

The All Electric Society Park has two battery storage systems, one with a 1.2 megawatt-hour capacity and the other 281 kilowatt-hour capacity. The smaller system, located in the charging park, functions as a booster battery for electric vehicle charging.

Energy management system for evaluating energy flows

The transformer station is the central electrical hub of the All Electric Society Park. Distributing energy generated by solar systems and wind trees to loads like charging stations, cubes, pavilion, outdoor lighting, and irrigation. IoT-capable EMpro energy measuring devices record outgoing flows, allowing efficient park control. The park connects to the Phoenix Contact corporate grid via a smartRTU, a modular wireless solution designed for monitoring distribution grids and decentral power generation systems.

Sustainability even with the construction and cooling materials

The transformer station houses medium and low-voltage switchgear with transformers, disconnectors, and fuses. Sustainability was prioritized, using air instead of SF6 as an insulating medium and biodegradable ester fluid for cooling. Notably, carbon concrete was used instead of reinforced concrete. which led to a reduction in wall thickness by around one-third. Greenery on the facades and roof contributes to microclimate and small animal habitats. Looking ahead, future transformer stations will be located in cities for better air quality and cooling.

Creating awareness of the technical possibilities

Phoenix Contact is implementing an electrical energy management system using PLCnext Technology control technology to ensure reliable power supply to park devices. The system integrates park devices like inverters, storage systems, and charging stations into the system. Allowing data and values to be accessible. With a broader perspective, All Electric Society Park aims to raise awareness about the company’s future vision and technical capabilities, showcasing real applications and educational presentations. The park opened to the public on September 1, 2023.

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