Compact box PCs for edge applications

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Significant cost savings

Compact box PCs

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a forward-thinking technology in industrial automation. Focusing on high-performance applications that process and transmit data. Traditional automation systems use wired or wireless communication protocols to concentrate data in a central location. However, the lack of a common network in distributed applications, such as water pumping stations and oil fields, poses challenges and costs. Maintenance personnel often travel to remote stations to collect or update data, causing data delays or latency.

Significant reduction in network traffic

Applications require high-performance engines that capture, store, analyze, and preprocess data, with connectivity for efficient transmission. Small IIoT-capable industrial PCs distribute computing power to the edge of the Internet. This allows data analysis by a physically built device. This reduces network traffic, storage capacities, and costs while ensuring data is communicated immediately, forwarded at predefined intervals, and stored locally as backup information.

High availability even under harsh conditions

The VL3 UPC from Phoenix Contact is an example of an embedded computer design that ensures reliable operation year-round, even under harsh conditions. The compact box PC features a dual-core or quad-core Atom processor, fast DDR4 RAM, and NVMe solid-state memory modules. It is passively cooled, enabling high connectivity, and features a DisplayPort interface for high-resolution displays with Multi-Stream Transport capability. The design also includes easy maintenance options and passive cooling, reducing power consumption and heat generation.

A variety of extension options

The box PC has two Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.1 interfaces. additionally, it can be extended with serial ports and WLAN configuration. Equipped with a DIN rail and mounting brackets for wall mounting, it offers versatility in installation. Furthermore, two extension modules increase system height by 30 millimeters, incorporating Gigabit Ethernet ports and M.2 interfaces for mass storage as well as accommodating 4G/LTE modems. This flexibility in WAN/WLAN connectivity is crucial for cloud computing installations.

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