Unmanaged Ethernet Switches Reinvented

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Unmanaged Switches from Phoenix Contact enable easy Industrial Ethernet communication. The industrial-grade IP20 and IP67 switches feature variable numbers of ports, various designs, and additional functions such as Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Unmanaged Switches
SFNB unmanaged switches

The SFNB series Unmanaged Switches represent the entry-level solution in our portfolio of Ethernet switches. These switches are particularly suitable for very simple automation applications where there are no exacting demands on the temperature range, data throughput or functions.

Phoenix Contact’s new generation of unmanaged ethernet switches from FL Switch 1000 series offer a narrower housing, greater port density, and best-in-class automation protocol traffic prioritization. The first five variants of the refreshed portfolio are exclusively copper ports, with fiber optic models soon to follow later this year.

unmanaged switches

Both gigabit and fast ethernet models will be included in the initial roll-out, enabling applications of different bandwidths in a variety of industries. With the help of a unique mounting accessory, the FL Switch 1000 series can also be mounted flat on the DIN rail, enabling use in small or flat cabinets with little space. Thanks to Energy Efficient Ethernet, these switches will also feature a reduced power consumption, which will lessen heat and the overall footprint of the device.

More information about the wide range of industrial Ethernet and other products is available on the website.



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