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Push-in connection technology: consistent from the field to the controller

Consistent from the field to the controller


Push-in connection technology – consistent from the field to the controller

Thanks to push-in connection technology from Phoenix Contact, you can wire your entire application easily and without tools. A complete product range is available for consistent wiring from the field to power wiring and the controller. Without tools, you can easily contact sensors and actuators, modular terminal blocks, INTERFACE, and automation components.

Push-in connection technology was developed for direct conductor connection, so this means that without any tools, you can insert solid conductors or conductors with ferrules into the conductor connection.

In addition, the special spring profile enables effortless insertion of conductors with ferrules of 0.25 mm² or more. The contact spring opens automatically when the conductor is pushed in and thereby provides the required pressure force against the current bar. The spring opens by an actuation lever either to release conductors or connect stranded conductors without ferrule from 0.14 mm² without direct contact with live parts. You can operate the actuation lever with all standard screwdrivers.

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How Push-In connection technology works

Push-in TechnologyEasy and tool-free direct plug-in: The up to 50% reduction in insertion forces supports easy and direct insertion of solid and stranded conductors featuring ferrules with a cross section of 0.25 mm² or greater.

Maximum forces:

The special contact spring, manufactured out of high quality spring steel, ensures maximum contact and conductor pull-out forces. It also ensures vibration-resistant and gas-tight contacting.

Easy release with any tool:

The integrated lever enables you to release connected conductors using any type of tool easily and without direct contact with live parts. Therefore, using the activation lever, you may connect Flexible conductors with a cross section starting at 0.14 mm² without ferrules.

Reliable contact:

High-quality and hard-faced copper alloys ensure the lowest contact resistances and, as a result, maximum current transfer.

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