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Managed Switches in accordance with IEC 61850

IEC 61850 places special requirements on network components. High ambient conditions apply for use in the energy area, which are specified in IEC 61850-3. For instance, our new managed switches have FO ports with ST connection and complete our Industrial Ethernet portfolio in accordance with IEC 61850.

managed switchesWhat are the main advantages?

  • Can be used under the harshest electromagnetic, electrostatic, and climatic ambient conditions.
  • Reliable, error-free data transmission over long distances, thanks to FO technology.
  • Redundant, replaceable power supply and special operating voltages.
  • Fast redundancy mechanisms for high availability.
  • High port density in one rack unit for low space requirements in the control cabinet.

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Network infrastructure according to IEC 61850

IEC61850 - managed switches

A reliable and permanent power supply is essential for every industrial company. Over a quarter of the world’s population still has no access to electricity. From now until 2030, energy consumption in countries such as China, India or Brazil is expected to grow disproportionately. Rising energy costs, the scarcity of resources, CO2 emissions, and the associated climate change are global factors.

In order to overcome these challenges, a review of the energy infrastructure field is required, together with new system approaches such as the intelligent power grid, known as the Smart Grid. Therefore, the IEC 61850 international series of standards and communication based on Ethernet technology are an important basis for this review.


What is Smart Grid? Smart Grid refers to an intelligent power grid in which the members of the energy network can communicate with one another. Consistent communication takes place via Ethernet.

What is Ethernet? Ethernet and its protocols are the standard for the communication architecture in the Smart Grid. Communication itself takes place via cables, fiber optics, wireless technology or the Internet. The most important communication protocols and requirements for the energy market and the Smart Grid are available in IEC 61850.

What is IEC 61850? IEC 61850 defines the most important, international communication standard for data exchange between the devices used in energy technology and for the automation of energy systems. Phoenix Contact offers substation hardened Ethernet infrastructure for the automation of energy systems according to IEC 61850. What is important to realize is that you can achieve a high level of availability with our switches, media converters and redundancy modules that are in accordance with the IEC 61850 requirements.

IEC 61850 - managed switches



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