Fiber-optic connection technologies in the field

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Fiber-optic cables

Fiber-optic cables, often supplied by meters, the different types of fiber-optic cables require different connection technologies for field use. Additionally, they are commonly used for cabling data technology systems, with different fiber types like POF, PCF, and quartz glass. Moreover, suitable tool sets, connectors, distributor boxes, and cables are required for proper cabling and connection, with the fiber type planned for use serves as the starting point.

Use and connection of POF


Polymer optical fiber (POF) cables are often used in industrial environments with low data rate and range requirements. These cables have a plastic core and cladding, protected by a 2.2 mm diameter coating. They are typically used in breakout cables, which have two POF cores, filler material, and strain relief elements. Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of breakout cables with POF cores for different applications. In addition, specially adapted tool sets are the solution. They are used to connect connectors, making the assembly of POF fibers easy and safe.

Use and connection of PCF

Fiber Optics

Polymer-clad fiber (PCF) cables are used in industrial environments due to their robust design and high-quality workmanship. These cables have a 200 µm core and 230 µm cladding, enclosed in a plastic sheath with strain relief elements. 2-core breakout types are commonly used in harsh conditions. Moreover, different connector types are available for field assembly, with tool sets for each type. The cleaver, matched to the respective connector type, ensures a precise and optimally prepared fiber face. Additionally, Phoenix Contact offers PCF cables for various applications.

Use and connection of GOF


Pure quartz glass fiber (GOF) is increasingly used in industrial networks for fiber-optic cabling due to its high data rates, attractive cost, and easy management. Many specialist companies have established themselves in fiber-optic connection technology field, specializing in fusion splicing and large-volume connector assembly. Phoenix Contact offers the necessary cabling and connection technology products, including fiber-optic cables and fiber-optic splice boxes. However, if you prefer to perform GOF connector assembly in-field, a specially adapted tool set allows SC and LC connector assembly on site. Furthermore, The connectors contain factory-prepared fibers. All that remains to be done is to strip the cables and prepare the fibers. This results in a reliable, long-term stable connection with low attenuation values.

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