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Transport is fundamental and It is crucial to take steps to make it sustainable. The mobility of the future, therefore, depends on the world adopting electric vehicles that do not emit greenhouse gases and, for this, the availability of e-mobility charging station is equally or perhaps even more important than renewing the vehicle fleet.

An e-mobility charging station, also called an electric vehicle charging station, is a system that provides electric power to charge the batteries of plug-in vehicles, whether they are electric or hybrid: cars, lorries, buses or motorcycles, whether they are shared or private. You can find such charging stations in many public areas, such as shopping malls, parking lots, streets, etc.

According to a Bloomberg report there will be 116 million electric vehicles on our roads by 2030 and they will account for 30 % of sales. Developing charging point infrastructure in the current decade is crucial to accomodate the demand of electric vehicle sales.

Electric car charging stations and home chargers must meet high standards of availability, safety, and comfort based on the field of application. Complex structures made up of numerous small parts are no rarity. Developers and design engineers face technical challenges and questions about wiring, power supply, controllers, and communication links.

To tackle these questions, Phoenix Contact has published five new videos to the technical support channel on YouTube. They provide clear explanations on technical topics as well as the interaction between individual electronic and electrical engineering components – focusing on the typical requirements of a networked e-mobility charging infrastructure. The videos also convey basic information about charging technology, such as charging standards and connector types.

You’ll find our YouTube playlist at phoe.co/construction-charging-station.



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