Nobody Manufactures 6mm Safety Relays. Until Now.

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Highly-compact safety relays: PSRmini

PSRmini safety relays – full performance on 6 mm

PSRmini Safety RelaysPhoenix Contact developed this relay technology and built in house, enabling a particularly narrow device design – without impairing performance. This robust elementary relay with force-guided contacts enables the setup of safety-related applications under completely new space and cost aspects.

Uniquely, safety relays with forced guidance in comparison to standard relays means:

  • Robustness
  • Reliability
  • Diagnostic capability

More about PSRmini

The heart of a safety relay is the elementary relay Relay Technologyitself

If errors occur on the elementary relays, then no undesired or even dangerous states occur in the system. With this in mind, a safe state is achieved if the system remains off in the event of an error. To achieve the highest possible level of safety for man and machine, there is no way of getting around using a force-guided elementary relay, because: Forced guidance always consists of at least one N/O contact and at least one N/C contact which are mechanically connected to each other. As a matter of fact, this connection prevents the N/C contact and N/O contact from being closed simultaneously.

In addition, elementary relays are electromechanical components that are useful:

  • For potential-free switching of multiple load circuits
  • For switching of high loads (switching amplifiers)
  • In order to achieve electrical isolation of control and load circuits
  • To achieve reduced contact resistances on the load side

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