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Hello World! Welcome to the Phoenix Contact Middle East Blog!

Firstly, we are here to bring to you fresh content, whether you are our beloved customer, partner, employee or just another person who have heard about us. Have the latest industry news, product information, technologies and applications delivered right to your inbox. Welcome to our Blog!

Burj Khalifa View - Welcome to Phoenix ContactAs much as that, need I say more?

Oh yes, we are Phoenix Contact, a world leader for electronic components, systems and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. We offer a broad range of products, from modular terminal blocks to control software, for your electrical engineering and automation tasks.

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Are you living somewhere in the Middle East or Northeast Africa? This is great news! Now you have the chance to read the latest news and updates about products and solutions for this region. Also, you can personally meet our team of experts in the local events we participate in.

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