Virtual power plants communication standard

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Phoenix Contact is implementing the communication standard for virtual power stations

VHPreadyTo begin with, Nuclear power plants will no longer exist in the future. By 2050, 80% of our electricity is expected to be generated by using renewable energy sources. These sources include wind parks, photovoltaic systems, hydroelectric power plants and biogas plants. A large number of individual energy generators however, means that the power grid will have to change in the future. This is how electricity generation and especially electricity distribution works today.

On the positive side, the industry forum VHPready (Virtual Heat & Power) is implementing the communication standard for virtual power stations. This standard is the basis for virtual power plants in which volatile renewable energy generators network in such a way that guarantees consistent energy supply to society and industry. As one of the founding members of this industry forum, Phoenix Contact takes part in developing the standard in collaboration with leading industry experts. This is a very positive perspective for the future.

What does VHPready do in virtual power plants?

A virtual power plant is a network of several  Virtual power plant decentralized, mostly regenerative, energy generators. These include photovoltaic systems, wind parks or biogas systems. These generators form a virtual unit, a power station. Eventually, this power station can supply electrical energy to the mains supply of the energy supply provider.

VHPready is an open industry standard for controlling the decentralized units from the control room. Interconnection to and management of a virtual power plant is considerably simple via uniform and consistent communication.

Data points and encryption

The VHPready industry forum has specified certain data points for communication as well as encryption via SSL/TLS, PKI. From the variety of existing remote control protocols, they selected the IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 61850-7-420 protocols already established on the market. On the whole, it is possibile to connect systems to a VHPready network by fulfilling the defined requirements for the supported protocols and safety.

Want to learn what Phoenix Contact offers for VHPready? In brief, VHPready will enable you to generate energy with virtual power plants and make it available to you according to your requirements.



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