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The UPS-CONF software

Monitor and configure UPS systems from Phoenix Contact using the UPS-CONF software. The new version features more functions and various improvements.

UPS-CONF enables UPS systems to be monitored and configured conveniently and clearly Firstly, UPS-CONF is a management software to configure and monitor QUINT-UPS devices, that come with the IQ technology. This technology with continuous battery monitoring and intelligent management provides you with information about the charging state, remaining runtime, and service life of your battery at all times. Intelligent communication informs you when a situation becomes critical. Eventually, this reduces the amount of maintenance involved and increases your system availability.

IQ technology means intelligent:

  • Battery Control: automatically detects the connected battery type and maximizes the remaining service life of the battery unit via an optimally adapted charging characteristic.
  • Battery Management: continuous status information shows for

– SOC (State of Charge): current charging state and remaining back-up time of the battery unit

– SOH (State of Health): remaining life expectancy of the battery unit, provides early warning for a potential battery unit failure

– SOF (State of Function): determines the current performance of the battery unit.

  • Charging: adapts the charging current and thereby ensures the fastest possible recharging and availability.
  • Communication: the communication of UPS and PC allows configuration, extensive signaling and parametrization.

New warning messages signal, for example, whether the UPS remote control is active or whether a communication error occur between the UPS and the batteries. The new COM trigger mode are useful if several PCs need to be shut down in a controllable manner in the event of a mains failure. Here, the signal contacts of the UPS initiate a shutdown of the PC via the COM port. Therefore, regardless of the Windows version being in use, it is unnecessary to have permanent data cable connections. Overall, DC UPS devices with 5, 10, 20, and 40 A from revision 06 can now switch off loads in a staggered sequence. When the UPS buffers a mains failure, two separate timers start. Whereby previously defined consumers cease to be supplied by the battery after a set time.

The software automatically detects the connected power storage, for example a lead battery with 12 Ah. All relevant operating parameters get on display graphically and important messages appear in the foreground. The behavior of the UPS modules can be changed via the software to suit individual requirements.

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