Most read articles in 2015 [Industrial automation]

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Top 6 most read articles in 2015

First of all, are you still working on closing the books of 2015? Well, you are not alone! Just before we start bringing 2016 news to you, we thought to share with you some of the top old news.

The new generation of safety relays: PSRmini

PSR Mini - Most read articlesOur new PSRmini safety relays are rather the narrowest safety relays in the world with the performance of a large safety relay. Phoenix Contact developed the relay technology in the centerpiece of the new PSRmini device. The compact 6 mm wide elementary relay design offers tried-and-tested safety, because of the force-guided contacts. Hence, the numerous technological details make it reliable as safety technology should be. It is its robustness, reliability, and diagnostic capability that sets it apart from a standard elementary relay.

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Surge protection reinvented

SEC - Most read articles

Lightning and surge protection for the power supply is now extremely powerful and durable. This is made possible due to the new Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology with impact-free spark gap from Phoenix Contact.

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New DC/DC converters for the energy sector

DC/ DC Converter - Most read articlesThe new DC/DC converters of the QUINT POWER product range are particularly suitable for applications in the energy sector. Independent supply systems can be established and monitored in a preventative manner due to the electrical isolation between the input and output voltage. All DC/DC converters, power supplies, and redundancy modules of the QUINT POWER product range support power boost, which continually supplies 1.25-fold nominal current.

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Surge protection for measurement and control technology

A large number of sensors and actuators are monitored and controlled in applications for measurement and control technology. Most of all, a failure due to surge voltages can have devastating effects. Hence, our surge protective devices offer an ideal solution and help to avoid system failures for all applications.

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High-Speed Protection for Super-Fast Business

Fast – Faster – DATATRAB-CAT.6

The DATATRAB-CAT.6 concept provides a quick and easy installation. There is no easier way to protect your data network against damage caused by surge voltages.
DT-LAN-CAT.6 – recommended for:

  • ETHERNET including Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • ISDN
  • DS 1

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IEC 61850 – Industrial Ethernet Switches

Last but not least, the IEC 61850 places special requirements on network components. Therefore, depending on the installation location, stringent environmental conditions may have to be fulfilled, that are specified in IEC 61850-3. The switches fulfill these requirements and are optimized for communication according to IEC 61850.

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