MID certified Energy Meters Empro

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MID energy meters are tested in accordance with the European Measuring Instruments Directive. MID certification makes it possible to bill the measured energy consumption via the cost centers. The measuring instruments measure the most important electrical parameters and communicate them via common interfaces to higher-level control systems. With the new product family, Phoenix Contact can address more markets than before. The products are an extension of the existing EMpro energy measurement device family. Continue reading

QUINT 4 UPS – The Intelligent UPS Range

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(Written by Tony Rayner)

Interest continues to grow in having HIGH SYSTEM AVAILABILITY in all facets of industry. There is, therefore, a firm focus on supply reliability. To achieve this, a reliable uninterruptible power supply is required, with an operating state that can be viewed at all times from any location. Therefore, convenient integration into a variety of networks is particularly important for remote diagnostics and scheduled system maintenance. Also important are powerful output criteria, compact design and a controlled system shutdown. All this is achieved with the NEW QUINT 4 UPS Range. Continue reading

ICS modular electronics housing for the IoT devices of tomorrow.

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(Written by Simone Sellar)

I have never been more excited than I am right now, writing my very first blog and participating in the digitalization of things. These are for sure exciting times. As varied as the requirements of future-oriented automation devices are, so too are the solutions – thanks to the ICS modular electronics housing system. Benefit from a housing system with graduated sizes, variable connection technology, and optional DIN rail connectors. Check out the video below:

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PTFIX – distribution blocks with Push-in technology

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(Written by Bruce Patton)

If you are of the opinion that a terminal is just a terminal, then it’s only fair that I give you a friendly word of caution. By reading this blog we may just convince you that this is not the case, and you will probably never be able to view terminals in the same way again… On a more serious note though, in today’s blog I will be taking a brief look at the status of Push-in technology and a more in depth discussion on the new, ready-to-connect PTFIX distribution block.

Push-in technology – endless opportunities.

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Speed matters for Data connections

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(Written by Richard Schoonebeek)

Anyone who says speed doesn’t matter obviously hasn’t experienced the frustration of sitting for 20 minutes waiting for their devices to connect to the internet. Whether high-speed or innovative hybrid cabling – you can transmit your data safely and reliably using copper cables.

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The Marking Company – Simply Easy!

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Digging the car out of the sand

As the Product Manager for Marking, Tools and Mounting Material for Phoenix Contact, I have quite an exciting product range. With that being said, 2018 has still held many new experiences. It all began when January saw an impromptu start for my 10 year old son and myself as we decided to take an alternative 2300km tour of the Northern Cape. Driving from Johannesburg to Cape town, in my VW Passat! The rules were simple. If we see a strange dusty road – we take it. 2 popped tyres, a couple of “stuck in the sand situations”, 4 days and 2300km later – (700Km untarred) we found ourselves in Cape Town. The added thrill was NO CELL SIGNAL due to the Square Kilometer Array restrictions in the central Cape. We had the time of our lives, and now to top it all off, i’m officially a blogger. I wonder what 2019 has in store for me?

Welcome all to my – Kevin Mann’s, first blog! Continue reading

PACT-RCP – A unique solution for measuring current

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When I was a young Lad I recall having a bicycle clamp to secure my possessions. Albeit to say my possessions were still stolen! Maybe I needed something like this? If you have ever been met with the problem of measuring Current on large Busbars and then having the eternal hassle of having to disconnect the power and actually decouple the bars themselves, then you know how time consuming and frustrating this can be. We take a look below at the PACT-RCP from Phoenix Contact which completely solves this problem.


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Low voltage mains Surge and Lightning Protection

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Trabtech’s SEC Range of Surge and Lightning protection products.

Everybody knows how important it is to protect your electronic equipment from lighting and power surges, but how do you know what protection to use and the correct location to install it? We take a look at answering those questions below in this quick guide to the dynamics of mains surge and lightning protection.

Multi-stage Protection

Lightning current arrester type 1 with integrated back-up fuse (Hybrid):

Type 1 Hybrid

  • For use in LPZ 0A.(Lightning Protection Zone)
  • Located upstream or downstream of the circuit breaker of low voltage distribution boards with large current loads.
  • This product is used where fusing is necessary (systems >315A) This product is a great space saver.
  • The user does not have to calculate fuse sizing.
  • Available as single units or as a 240/415/690 VAC (TN-C) unit and 400VAC (IT) unit.
  • Must be coordinated with Type 2 units (SEC range for guaranteed performance).

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Introducing the new FDX 20 Series Splice Boxes

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We make control cabinets and systems fit for the data highway!

The FDX 20 Series Compact fiber optic splice boxes set future-orientated standards for data communication in IoT applications. Ethernet patch panels – available in versions with surge protection and Power over Ethernet – enable quick and easy connection in the field.

Our uniformly designed compact splice boxes are the ideal solution for customers who want uniform and future-proof cabling of control cabinets and systems with FO-based data connectors.

Splice Box FDX 20

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