ImpulseCheck – Intelligent monitoring.

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Monitoring of Surge / Lightning protection system

Monitoring for your Lightning protection using ImpulseCheck

ImpulseCheck is the world’s first intelligent assistance system for surge protection in the field of mains protection. The module allows you to measure the state of health of every single protective device via cloud connection and provides new digital services. With it, you can detect the actual load on the surge protective devices being monitored, and therefore on your system as well. This makes it possible to predict failures and schedule maintenance more effectively.

Method of operation

ImpulseCheck enables the continuous monitoring of the system’s EMC and the installed surge protective devices. Surge currents and transient overvoltages are detected on each active conductor. Then allocated a time stamp, and transferred to PROFICLOUD. It is here that the events are analyzed. For SPDs from Phoenix Contact, the actual load is calculated at all times based on the recorded events.

Status reports at the push of a button

Thanks to real-time monitoring, you know the SPD’s state of function and can generate status reports at any time at the push of a button – even between the predetermined test intervals.

It monitors the active conductors in the power supply cables. The impulses are measured even if no surge protection is installed, making it possible to draw conclusions about the load on the system. It is the best choice for innovative and automated calculation of the state of health of your surge protective devices. The assistance system monitors surge protective devices for type 1 and 2 power supplies.

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