PRC Connectors – More Power, Less Space.

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The state-of-the-art device connection offers functions that save both the device manufacturer and the installer on site time and costs. In addition, depending on the application, the PRC Connector is robust and suitable for external applications. The PRC Circular Connectors from Phoenix Contact offers device manufacturers and installers significant advantages compared to conventional cabling systems.

Inverted cable connectors and couplings are the solution for reliable cable-to-cable connections in building, industrial and outdoor applications. Modular basic housings and contact inserts also make angled conductor outlets possible for the first time. The housings are available in different versions for 0°, 45° and 90° exit angles and can be equipped with contact inserts for socket or pin contacts depending on the application.

The inverted connectors and contact inserts are available in three- or five-position versions and offer a high degree of protection up to IP69K. The circular connectors are designed for currents up to 35 A and voltages up to 690 V AC, and are up to 75 percent more compact than conventional industrial connectors. Thanks to the weatherproof materials, they are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

High connection comfort with the PRC Connectors

Phoenix Contact PRC device connectors – (Plastic Round Connector) – the device manufacturer can choose: either the connectors are pre-assembled with cables of the desired length, or the device manufacturer can attach the cables themselves to the connector.

In the first variant, the connector through the Rear mounting is easily pushed through the device wall and fixed with the lock nut. With the second variant, the device manufacturer has the option of soldering the strands directly into the printed circuit board, attaching the crimp contacts to the strands, and then locking them in the device plug already mounted in the housing cut out. These two variants offer the device manufacturer a high degree of flexibility in production.

It is important that a field connector consists of as few individual parts as possible as well as being intuitive to connect due to Installations for outdoor applications taking place in almost any weather conditions, installers not all having the same level of knowledge, and tools available to them on the construction site.

Simple field installation

With a screw connection of 1.5 to 6 mm², the PRC plug-in system offers universal connection technology that is established worldwide. This can reduce sources of error already during the installation. In addition, the field plug consists of only two parts: contact carrier with integrated screw connection and plug housing with integrated cable gland and cable seal. 3- and 5-core cables with a diameter of 8 to 21 mm are contacted quickly and easily in this way.

The connection to the device plug then takes place with a latch, which is integrated in the device plug. With the help of a screwdriver, the locking can be separated again at any time. However, inadvertent release of the plug-in connection is not possible – and in some applications such as the AC connection of a solar inverter are not allowed. In addition, a fuse of the plug can be done. The PRC connectors are approved according to DIN EN 61984 and can be used in accordance with the inverter standard DIN EN 62109-1.

As an alternative to tool-related unlocking, Phoenix Contact also offers a manual release for the field plug. This is especially useful where unlocking with a tool is not an option due to time constraints: in the test field. Every device that leaves the production line of a device manufacturer is finally put through its paces again. At this point, plugging and unplugging all interfaces on a new device must above all be fast. The PRC test plugs with simple manual release and increased requirements for plug and pull cycles – up to 2,000 plug and pull cycles are no problem here – offering the device manufacturer a simple solution for the test field without expensive test adapters.

PRC Technical Data

Nominal Voltage   690 V
Nominal Current 35 A
Degree of Protection   IP69K
Approvals UL2238
  IEC 61984
  IEC 61535
  2 PfG 1915
Catch Mechanism Latch

Plug and Play Energy Distribution

Phase Split function on 6 and 3 outlets

  • 3 phase inlet and outlet for daisy chaining
  • 1 phase outlets for devices
  • Colour coding red for 3 phase, blue for 1 phase

Different Applications

AC Infrastructure

  • Machine building
  • Building energy distribution
  • Outdoor energy distribution

Renewable Energies

  • Photovoltaic

Application examples

Telecommunications – Power from the base station to the top of the tower.

Speed, connection comfort, simplicity, cost efficiency – these are the trends in device connection technology. Even components and connectors cannot resist these trends. The 3-pin and 5-pin PRC series power connectors provide these features as they allow the user to easily connect with a high level of ruggedness. Thus, a comfortable device connection is no problem even under harsh environmental conditions.

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