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(Written by Kevin Mann)

During my travels in the employ of Phoenix Contact I have visited many a workshop; big, small, chaotic, ordered, ultra safe, unsafe but most are undoubtedly a mixture of all of these factors to a greater or lesser extent.

Just as random is the mixture of personnel. The cowboy, who just wants to get the job done by any means , even if it looks like a dogs breakfast, the perfectionist who won’t start the job until his toolbox is complete with a whole bunch of tools that won’t be used and let’s not forget the newspaper artisan. This is the guy that brings a newspaper to work every day, drinks his coffee at 10:00 (on the dot) has his lunch religiously at 12:30 (even if the plant is standing), tea at 14:00 and is ready to exit at 16:30.

With this mix of chaos and order in mind we have decided to put together a series of tool kits that are designed with the South African Market in mind and specific to the South African artisan.

The first on our list is the Wireman’s Tool Kit. (#51251001). The kit as a whole is designed with speed and convenience in mind. In short, the artisan or wireman takes a single tool kit to cut, strip, insert a ferrule, crimp and fasten. Lets get down to the nitty gritty:

So what Tools have we included into the Wiremans Tool Kit?

Cutting – CUTFOX-S VDE – 1212207; “A Diagonal cutter for hard (piano wire) and soft wires, VDE 1000 V AC/1500 V DC tested”. In our speech, a pair of side-cutters that can comfortably cut blou-draad and then finely stranded copper wire.





Stripping – WIREFOX 2,5 – 1212368; “Stripping tool, for conductors and cables with a conductor cross section from 0.08 to 2.5 mm, self-adjusting, stripping length adjustable up to 15 mm, cutting capacity up to 6 mm² stranded/1.5 mm² solid”. This unit also has a useful cutter at the back that’s good for copper. The stripping blade unit is replaceable.



Ferrules – 5 section ferrule storage kit; this is a local add-on that is used to handily store your ferrules. Supplied with 100 X 0.5mm2, 100 X 0.75mm2, 100 X 1mm2, 100 X 1.5mm2, and 100 X 2.5mm2 ferrules, the combo unit stores those little ferrules in an appropriate manner with each section labelled to allow for easy identification when re-ordering Phoenix Contact ferrules.



3200014                AI 0,5 – 8 WH X100

3200027                AI 0,75- 8 BU X100

3200030                AI 1 – 8 RD X100

3200043                AI 1,5 – 8 BK  X100

3200069                AI 2,5 – 8 GY X100

While on the topic of ferrules: Phoenix Contact ferrules are DIN, CSA and UL rated so long as they are used with our…..

Crimping pliers – CRIMPFOX CENTRUS 6H – 1213146; “for uninsulated and insulated ferrules, DIN 46228 Part 1 and 4, from 0.14 mm² … 6 mm², also for TWIN ferrules up to 2 x 4 mm², automatic cross section adjustment, lateral insertion, equipped with fall protection.”

Of all the tools in the massive Phoenix Contact range this is my best seller and rightly so.

Crimping 1000’s of ferrules a day can put a lot of strain on one’s hand and wrist. The ergonomic handle design ensures comfortable, fatigue-free handling with up to 30% less actuation force. The sturdy plastic guard also protects the Crimpfox’s head from accidental damage – ask Rean!

Long nose pliers – UNIFOX-P VDE – 1212204; We have all had those funny hard to reach places in a panel where the fingers just won’t go regardless of the contortionist acts you put the rest of your body through.

Alas, included in the kit is the “Needle-nose pliers with blade, notched grip area, VDE 1000 V AC/1500 V DC tested” In using these a few times myself the grip area is really a GRIP AREA!







Screwdrivers – SF-SL 0,6X3,5-100 S-VDE – 1212587 and the SF-PZ 1-80 S-VDE – 1212695; Both the Philips/Pozidrive and flat screwdrivers meet the high requirements set out by VDE institute with regards to insulation. Easy to grip the only time you’ll need to replace them is in the event of loss or theft!







The Wireman’s tool kit would not be a kit if it were not for the actual TOOL-KIT STANDARD EMPTY – 1212423. Basically the size of a large hard-cover book, Rean suggested we finish it off with a Control cabinet key – USS 4 – 1203149.

Conclusion: This is such lekker set of tools we cannot list it on eShop so please call one of our internal sales guys or gals and ask for The Wireman’s Tool Kit to get a special price.

Should you want more information please feel free to contact me on

Kevin Mann




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