Low voltage mains Surge and Lightning Protection

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Trabtech’s SEC Range of Surge and Lightning protection products.

Everybody knows how important it is to protect your electronic equipment from lighting and power surges, but how do you know what protection to use and the correct location to install it? We take a look at answering those questions below in this quick guide to the dynamics of mains surge and lightning protection.

Multi-stage Protection

Lightning current arrester type 1 with integrated back-up fuse (Hybrid):

Type 1 Hybrid

  • For use in LPZ 0A.(Lightning Protection Zone)
  • Located upstream or downstream of the circuit breaker of low voltage distribution boards with large current loads.
  • This product is used where fusing is necessary (systems >315A) This product is a great space saver.
  • The user does not have to calculate fuse sizing.
  • Available as single units or as a 240/415/690 VAC (TN-C) unit and 400VAC (IT) unit.
  • Must be coordinated with Type 2 units (SEC range for guaranteed performance).

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Introducing the new FDX 20 Series Splice Boxes

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We make control cabinets and systems fit for the data highway!

The FDX 20 Series Compact fiber optic splice boxes set future-orientated standards for data communication in IoT applications. Ethernet patch panels – available in versions with surge protection and Power over Ethernet – enable quick and easy connection in the field.

Our uniformly designed compact splice boxes are the ideal solution for customers who want uniform and future-proof cabling of control cabinets and systems with FO-based data connectors.

Splice Box FDX 20

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Welcome to the first Blog from Phoenix Contact South Africa.

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Welcome to our blog!

They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks but here I am typing my first post for the Phoenix Contact South Africa Blog – I Can’t wait to tell my kids that Dad is now a Blogger as well, LOL. Well here we go already six months into 2018 with the year racing away with us, so let’s get started on BLOG ZA.

As you can expect with Phoenix Contact we are constantly developing new products and Innovative Solutions in our constantly changing market. What better way to keep you up to date than with a weekly blog? Our aim is to bring you the latest news and developments in our exciting and growing company. The Blogs will cover a variety of topics from New Technologies, Products and Success stories.

The Blogging Team will be made up of Product Managers and Product Specialists within our Product Marketing Department.

We certainly hope that you enjoy and gather a lot of useful information from our blog. Don’t forget to visit our blog weekly to keep up to date with our latest news.

For more information about Phoenix Contact South Africa, Click here to visit our Website.

Kind Regards

Dereck Styane and the Phoenix Contact Team.

Dereck Styane