Mounting Material – the backbone of any panel.

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One of the many attractive things about Phoenix Contact is that you do not have to scratch your head very hard to find something to write about. With a range of over 65 000 items Marking and Installation have about (and this is a guess) 8 000 to 10 000 products under its umbrella. This time I have decided to put our Mounting material into the spot light. It’s the backbone of any panel and defines the layout, safety and general aesthetics of a well designed and built panel.

Alan Lakein once wrote that, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

It goes without saying knowing your goal is critical to good planning but also allow for changes that may be required during or after the project is completed. Environmental conditions and unforeseen security issues, for example, are often overlooked and may require additional hardware.

Project Complete Planning:

Phoenix Contact’s, Project Complete is designed to interact with most CAD systems. This makes planning the DIN rail component of your panel Simply Easy, especially when using Phoenix Contacts range of products. Added to this, you will find the bulk of our products itemised, with pictures and easily accessible even when off line. This data base is automatically updated when going back online. What hardware can Phoenix Contact provide for the backbone of your panel?

DIN Rail:

Our high-quality perforated DIN rail has a perfectly uniform profile allowing for the equal and simple attachment and detachment of any of our mountable hardware. End Caps can be added to make for a professional finish.

A variety of mounting brackets and accessories are also stocked. We are currently running a special so don’t hesitate to enquire.

Order numbers:

NS 35/7,5 PERF 2000MM 0801733

End caps, NS 35/7,5 CAP 1206560.


Our range of standard size trunking includes halogen free polycarbonate and ABS as well as the more commonly used PVC channelling. Quotations are typically inclusive of the cover.

The CD WR is a convenient holding bracket that can be used as a third hand to secure the cables in place while pushing on the cover. They come in 100mm lengths but can easily be reduced in length to fit the inside of the trunking. Trunking is denoted by the letters CD (CD-HF for halogen free) followed by the width and height measurements in millimetres. Length is always 2m.

The Cutfox CD:

The Cutfox CD (1212474) is a sexy hand held tool that allows for the simple cutting of trunking either straight on or at 45 degrees. No more hacksaws or files for those perfectly cut and matched edges.

A product that is not part of my product range but I would be amiss not mentioning it, is the CGSA 50 and CGS 50, cable guiding system for the panel door. This hinged cable guiding system makes it particularly easy and safe to install conductors, cables and cable harnesses for the cabinet or swivel mounting frame.

End Brackets:

The markable Clipfix 35, 35-5 and E/UK take up the number one spot for holding all your mounted products securely in place on the DIN rail even if installed vertically. These brackets can also be used as spacers to separate component groups of your Din rail.

As discussed in previous blogs, Phoenix Contact has a massive range of marking systems available to appropriately label End Brackets. Theses include, KLM-A, KLM 3, the longer KLM 3-L and the dedicated UBE/D + ES/KMK 3 (order number 1004076).


For conveniently securing earthing and neutral wires we have the AK series of support brackets, busbars and clamping terminals. The brackets can be securely attached to the panel backplate. The required number of terminals are slid onto the busbar which is then secured onto the busbar. Our tin coated copper 3X10mm busbars 0402174 and 6X6mm busbars are quoted in lengths of 1m and can be easy cut to size using our PPS DIN Rain cutter or simply with a hack saw.

Regardless of the size of panel or the specialized nature of your cabinet Phoenix Contact will make it Simply Easy to populate.

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