The Thermomark Card – It’s Simply Easy!

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(Written by Kevin Mann)

The simplest terminal, wire and equipment marking machine in the world. It’s got all the bells and whistles. Anyone that’s used the Thermomark Card will know this.

Quality of Service:

Top class service achieved, time and time again. With our dedicated printer specialists and well versed sales team it is highly unlikely that there is a problem we can’t solve. In addition we have over 20 distributors ready to lend support.

Reliability of the Thermomark Card:

Albeit an electromechanical device, the Thermomark Card runs maintenance free for years. We recently came across a unit at Shaw Controls that had had over 27 000 cards through it and was still functioning. That’s over 2 million terminal labels.

The few issues we do have are generally unrelated to the printer. Things like personal trying to rerun the ribbon, unplugged USB cables or inserting the wrong material.

Ease of use:

Our logo “Simply Easy” is what it says. Any easier and you would be doing a mind meld with the machine.

Next year our software, Clip Project will be into its third decade and is now even more popular than ever. Its successor, Project Complete adds a brand new interface to the Clip Project engine, giving it a clean and fresh look while achieving complete justice to the theme, Simply Easy.

For the more conservative user, the Clip Project appeal will be around and supported for many years to come.



Dry ink! Less than 1 cent in ink per terminal marker. 200 000 terminal markers per 300 m roll of dry ink.




The huge range of material allows just about everything to be marked. Hundreds of sizes in up to eleven colours available both locally and internationally. Adhesive, non-adhesive, flexible or rigid the Thermomark Card and its mobile partner the Thermomark Prime is simply the most versatile marking system on the market today.



The first Thermomark Card was sold to Acepak in September 2011, before Rean’s time! It brought a new and progressive dynamic to the marking industry combining the speed and economy of the thermal roll based printers with the versatility of liquid ink based systems. Hundreds of units have been sold in South Africa over the last 8 years and thousands worldwide. Consistently, the previous year’s sales records have been broken. The only brief threat to new Thermomark Card sales has been Phoenix Contact’s component suppliers keeping up with production.

Along with the ever growing range of available material, the Thermomark Card is here to stay.

Key advantages:

  • No expiration date on material or ink.
  • Lowest cost per marker to print. This is especially true for small runs as a whole roll of material does not need to be purchased.
  • Easy storage.
  • No maintenance.
  • Low capital outlay.
  • Material available for all Phoenix Contact terminals and a diversity of other common terminal brands.

In conclusion:

I have yet to find a printer for industrial wire marking that even comes close to the Thermomark Card, Can you?

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