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Control, Measure and Effectively Communicate.

CONTACTRON hybrid motor starter technology reduces the load wiring and interlocking wiring by up to 75%. With the CrossPowerSystem power distribution board, you can also save on the traditional wiring of motor starters with three phases. Two different size Power Distribution Boards are available, 225 and 405mm cabable of handling up to 125Amp. These units are Touch Proof and protect against polarity reversal.

Versatility is the name of the game here. You can mix and match the various Contactron Devices to meet your application. Added to this are the various Power Adapters, Power Supplies and accessories to complete the entire solution.

Time is money – this is particularly true when it comes to setting up machines and systems. Thanks to the combination of power distribution and switching devices, mounting is even faster. Furthermore, integrated protection against polarity reversal prevents errors and makes startup even easier.

CONTACTRON with CrossPowerSystem

Now, reduce your wiring costs with the new 5 A power supply. This can be used to supply power to all hybrid motor starters on the board.
Furthermore, to generate motor-relevant data for system monitoring, simply use the network-capable solution alongside the classic motor starters via IO-Link.

Not only can you set up motor starters reliably with the power distribution board, you can also implement modular and functional solutions. Wherever necessary, simple modifications can be made or extensions can be added to adapt to new requirements.

The versatility does not stop here. Additional clips are provided on the Cross Power System to accommodate our Clip Fix products for added distribution points. Further to this adapter rails can be added for standard power terminals, making for fast and efficient wiring.

Your advantages
1. No need for 3 separate AC feed-ins per device – phase rotation is not possible
2. Quick, complete out-of-the-box system
3. Compact design compared to conventional power distribution

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