COMPLETE Line, saving space in your cabinet.

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Have you ever noticed how big empty cabinets and panels look?
But start populating it with equipment and see how quickly it fills up. That is why at Phoenix Contact, we are constantly looking at new ways to save you precious cabinet “real estate”. Our Clipline Complete range of push in terminals (PT) which form part of the Complete Line system, have many options and features that are specifically designed to save you space, time and therefore money.

COMPLETE Line PTV side entry push in terminal.

Let me introduce a newcomer to the Push In (PT) family. The PTV side entry push in terminal. This side entry Push in connection is ideal in cramped spaces and there is no need to bend the wiring radii. This also prevents the wires from obscuring the markers and standard Clip line accessories can be fitted. PTV 2,5 (1078960) For more information use Web code: #2129

PTIO multilevel Push in terminal

Sensor/actuator wiring normally requires multiple connectors for signal outputs, sensor connections and earth. The PTIO 1,5/S/S (3244470) achieves this in a single 3,5 mm wide, multilevel Push in terminal and standard Clip line accessories can be used. For more information use Web code: #2132

PTT Multilevel disconnect terminal

Another example of space saving technology is the: PTT 1,5/S-2MT (3210351)
At only 3.5mm wide, this multi-level disconnect terminal is ideal for process control installations. So that’s the equivalent of 572 signals in just 1 meter of rail, all of which can be disconnected via the knife disconnect function for hassle free measuring and testing.

PTFIX distribution terminal blocks

We also have a high-density connection-ready distribution block offer. Our innovative PTFIX distribution blocks are highly modular in their design and the combinations are limitless. Several mounting options and conductor sizes help you to optimize where they are positioned in the cabinet effectively making use of the available space. The 11 colors that are available help you customize the solution to your liking. For more information use Web code: #1739

The online user-friendly visualization software helps create your desired solution with just a few clicks thanks to simple menus, 2D and 3D product images and intuitive interfaces. For more information use Web code: #1740

And there is more, A lot more. We have yet to mention the high density wiring and marshaling PTRV & PTMC solutions. For more information use Web code: #1303

And if you want to distribute larger conductors, you really need to take a look at our potential collective hybrid terminals such as the PTU 35/4X6/6X2,5 (3214080) For more information use Web code: #1741

This is only the tip of the Complete Line iceberg when it comes to high-density solutions. All we ask is when space starts becoming an issue in your designs, please think of Phoenix Contact and the many ways we’re looking to save you space.

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