Passive heatsinks for ICS electronics housings

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Introducing the latest innovation in our ICS series – passive heatsinks and thermal simulations. But first let me share how South Africans have not been panicking. With COVID-19 in South Africa, we have seen the banning of sales of alcohol and cigarettes. No dog walking, no exercising or fast food deliveries for weeks. On May 24, 2020 – President Cyril Ramaphosa made many South Africans happy by lifting the ban on the sale of alcohol – subject to conditions.

The ban on all alcohol sales has been a true test to us South Africans who love to Kuier with braai chops, a dop and good friends. But it’s not all doom and gloom as there are so many exciting innovations from Phoenix Contact. With all this digitalization, we are at the forefront of constantly changing technology. So with no further ado lets take you into the world of our passive heatsink, configurators and so much more.

What do passive heatsinks do?

Passive heatsinks for electronics housings of the ICS series allow the device to be used in thermally demanding applications by ensuring that heat is dissipated well and therefore increasing reliability. With extensive thermal simulations, Phoenix Contact also supports you in the optimal layout of your circuit board.

Your advantages

  • Passive heat sinks allow the device to be used in thermally demanding applications.
  • Extensive thermal simulations support the optimal arrangement of the components on the board.
  • Individually adapted heat sinks ensure reliable cooling.
  • Simplified development process: all services for your individual device design.

Automated thermal simulation for the ICS series

  • Use our intuitive online simulation to analyze the heat development of your application in the early phase of development.
  • First configure your housing in the configurator for ICS housings to suit your application.
  • Then place hotspots on your circuit board and define the thermal boundary conditions of your application.
  • Receive your application-specific result directly by email.

Visit the configurator for electronic housings here.

Passive heat sinks for plastic housings of the ICS series for thermally demanding applications

The first passive heat sink for plastic housings of the ICS series for IoT applications: Benefit from a higher power density on the board.

View the product list here.

Modular electronics housings of the ICS series for IoT applications.

The solutions provided by the ICS modular electronics housing are as diverse as the requirements for future-oriented devices in industrial automation.

You can find more information here.

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