QUINT4 – DC/AC inverter for generating alternating current

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If I told you a year ago the world would shut down commercial air travel for a month or so, I would have been labelled as rather weird with conspiracy theory ideas. Well! Obviously I would have been right.

The world has always been in a state of flux, change is progress. But no one could have foreseen Covid-19 coming and the huge consequential changes that have occurred, and the forthcoming changes that the world will see once we return to some form of normality.

Similarly, Phoenix Contact is in a constant state of positive flux and realise that for Phoenix Contact too, change is progress. In light of this, we, as Phoenix Contact strive to be at the forefront of changing technology for a changing world.

A small example of our positive drive for useful and updated technology is shown below:

Conversion of 24VDC to 230VAC (Single phase) and 400VAC (Three phase)

Parallel Connection of Several Devices

It is possible to connect the DC to AC inverter in Parallel for Three different applications:

  1. Connection of three devices to increase the output power to 1800VA.
  2. Connecting of two devices for the creation of a redundant 600VA power supply system.
  3. The connection of three devices to create a three phase AC 1800VA power supply system.

Parallel connection with synchronized output

The QUINT-Inverter enables you to connect two devices in parallel. On the one hand, this increases the operational safety of your systems in the event of power supply failure (redundancy) or it gives you the option to increase performance. The output power can be doubled by using the DC/AC inverter.

Communication between the two devices synchronizes the phase relation in both operating modes.

3-phase network for drive application

Connect three devices in parallel to implement a 3-phase network. The three devices communicate with each other in real time, thereby synchronizing the 120 degree phase shift. This means that AC drives can also be operated.

No Configuration software Needed with the QUINT4 Inverter – Easy Setup

To set up the three different applications no configuration software is required. The set up is manually done by using a rotary switch located in the front panel of the device.

For more information, contact Tony Rayner – tonyr@phoenixcontact.co.za



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