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Remote I/O- Expanded possibilities, every network, every environment.

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Written by Andrew Ellis, Field Application Engineer

Whether in the control cabinet or in the field, whichever network you use…Phoenix Contact has experience providing a Remote I/O Solution. Whether it is our original Inline system, or if your application requires high speed, wide temperature range or just simplicity and reliability, it is covered with our Axioline system.

Both Ranges contain a variety of standard and special I/O as well as support for Safety using Safety Bridge and PROFISAFE.

InlineThe original and still going strong.

Automate applications easily and cost-effectively with the Inline system consisting of PLCs, bus couplers, and I/Os for the control cabinet. Due to its flexibility, the automation and I/O system can be used in a large number of projects. Combined with the specifically developed programmable logic controllers, even complex automation processes can be developed systematically. Moreover, the open bus concept means that the system provides you with several options in various networks.

The Inline range is still being developed and updates so that existing and new systems are supported well into the future.

Axioline F – operates all leading networks: PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™, EtherCAT, sercos, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS. IEC 61850 approved versions also available.

The Axioline F I/O range is rugged and compact. Using the latest technology in control and connectivity it saves you time and space in the control cabinet providing a flexible platform for all modern day automation applications.

Axioline SE – With panel space, easy start-up and component costs being some of the major requirements of systems builders, the marketplace demands suppliers to react in order to help businesses maximise production and profits and minimise costs.

The Axioline Smart Element range is designed to combine with the comprehensive range of Axioline Fieldbus couplers and PLCs including the latest innovation in PLC systems, PLCnext Technology.

Axioline P – The AXK P BK PN – AF is a PROFINET bus coupler device which drills down directly to Profibus PA negating the need for the Profibus DP layer. Therefore, reducing infrastructure, system component and installation costs as well as streamlining overall system architecture.

The AXL P BK PN – AF Bus coupler features the following

  • 8 Profibus PA Segments with High power trunk per Bus Coupler. Each segment can support 32 devices. Which means each coupler can support 256 Profibus PA devices.
  • Dual redundant pluggable power supplies for each Profibus PA segment. Ensuring high availability, if required.
  • The AXL P BK PN – AF Bus coupler supports PROFINET S2 redundancy. Once again providing the maximum of system availability.
  • The AXL P BK PN – AF Bus coupler boasts a full complement of Hot swappable I/O that co-exist alongside the Profibus PA Segments on the AXL P BK PN – AF Bus coupler. Including Intrinsically safe digital and analog Inputs and Outputs, Supervised Inputs (Namur), Hart Inputs and Outputs.

For more information on our Remote I/O Solutions, or to discuss your application please contact Andrew on 07584514958 or email

Back To The Future: Interbus Obsolescence

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Written by Tony Deane, Sales & Marketing Manager- Industry Management & Automation

Interbus is still an integral legacy part of industry, still supporting and operating countless systems throughout several industries from Automotive, Food and Beverage, Printing, Materials Handling and many more.

One of the defining characteristics of many Interbus systems is that, in many cases, they are spread over a wide area within a factory. In fact, due to the integrated repeater function in each device, the total expansion of the INTERBUS system can reach 13 km (8.078 mi.). Replacing a controller is one thing, replacing an entire network infrastructure of that magnitude on an operationally critical system to a business is an entirely different proposition and undertaking which, if at all possible, you would want to avoid.

The issue facing many legacy Interbus users is that many vendors who, in the past, used Interbus to leverage its ground-breaking properties when launched in 1986 (and used in new installations up to as recently as 2013), no longer support the PLC Systems that used Interbus as a fieldbus network, or no longer supply the Interbus master interface card, as the factory automation industry moves away from serial copper based network technology to Ethernet based networks (Profinet, Ethernet IP, Ethercat).

So, the question is how can you upgrade your control system to the latest control technology without having to replace a perfectly robust, extensive, and functioning network infrastructure overnight?

As the creators of Interbus in 1986, Phoenix Contact offers you not one, but two options.

Firstly, we offer the FL NP PND 4TX 2985974 Profinet proxy device.

The FL NP PND 4TX device allows your control system to control your Interbus network by combining a Profinet device with an integrated Interbus G4 Master within one product.  The device allows the PLC to talk to the Interbus network via Profinet. This will provide a path towards a gradual change of network infrastructure, whilst the plant remains in operation.

For the second option, Phoenix Contact offer PLC Next Technology utilising the AXC F XT IB 2403018 Interbus master interface. This option requires a far more comprehensive re-engineering approach than the FL NP PND 4TX but will allow you to bring an existing, robust and dependable Interbus system into a control platform that can leverage High level languages including C#, C++, Opensource software, allow you to use the likes of NodeRed and allow instant IIOT cloud access to process data via Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and our own Proficloud service to give visibility and transparency, to enable early diagnosis, intervention and ultimately, efficiency to your system.

Both solutions allow for a gradual migration to Profinet over an extended period, therefore making the inevitable move to an Ethernet technology-based network, a project-based undertaking with less disruption both operationally and financially.  

For more information or demonstration of either option contact Tony Deane on 07824 437393 or email

Join us at ECS show!

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Written by Gary Nelson, Sales and Marketing Manager- Device Connections

As the world becomes less reliant on fossil fuels and becomes more electrified we at Phoenix Contact are continually developing new innovative connectivity solutions from our Device Connections (DC) product ranges to meet the needs of the all electric society.

Join us at the Electronics Components Show on Thursday May 19th Kassam Stadium in Oxford to see our latest product innovations and discuss how we can help you with your specific project needs.

 Our wide portfolio consists of PCB terminal blocks & connectors, high IP rated products suitable for outdoor, harsh environments and renewable energy applications and a large selection of electronic enclosures customisable to house your designs.

As the grid becomes increasingly dependent on renewable energy the management of supply and demand is critically important. Grid balancing requires building intelligence solutions and technology to manage the timing of certain activities, such as electric vehicle charging. This market sector requires a combination of power and data connectivity with a focus on ease of installation and security of data transmission.

Electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace on our roads and cover a wide range of solutions from personal transport to last mile delivery and large-scale commercial. Regardless of the vehicle type, charging infrastructure is vitally important to the transition to a more sustainable economy. The device connection requirements in this sector cover both the connection to the vehicle and the internal electronics within the charging unit itself.

With more dependency on renewable energy, energy storage is becoming a critical utility in helping to balance the grid and provide electricity when required and not just when the wind is blowing. This market sector covers both large-scale grid storage and small scale commercial and domestic storage with differing requirements for device connectivity.

Renewable Energy Generation covers several different technologies from wind power, solar and hydro-electric, and is set to become a significant proportion of our energy mix in the coming decade. Device connectivity in this market sector often requires robust connection and enclosure solutions with protection from the weather.

The World is going electric, and at Phoenix Contact we are part of the solution.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

For more info, contact Gary on 07780 483099 or email

IP67 power supplies – Power where its needed

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Written by Mark Lloyd, Senior Product Manager- Power Supplies and Surge Protection

In recent times there has been a trend towards distributed automation in machine building and factory automation. This has required a re-think as to how we provide power to these distributed components.

To address this, around 3 years ago we released our first IP67 rated power supplies to meet the growing demand for a standalone power supply to provide local or de-centralised power where it is needed, for example on production lines or on conveyor systems.

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PTVFIX functional fuse blocks

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Written by Scott Mulholland, Product Manager- Industrial Components.

Our ever increasing range of PTFIX blocks now has a significant new edition. We’ve taken the key features of our PTFIX blocks and incorporated fusing functionality into them. This means that the key benefits of PTFIX can now be transferred into your overload and short circuit protection requirements:

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50 years of Combicon!

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Written by Karl Fazakerley, Product Manager- Device Connections

I am going to keep this blog short and sweet as I don’t think I need to be the one telling the story.  I think I will let the products do the talking itself. 

This blog is all about celebration and as a company Phoenix Contact is proud of its past and welcomes the future. COMBICON, the world’s largest portfolio of PCB connection technology, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

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BS7671 18th edition Amendment 2 – now encompasses safety services

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Written by Mark Lloyd, Senior Product Manager- Power Supplies & Surge Protection

The current 18th edition version of BS7671, more commonly known as the wiring regs has been in force since January 2019, so a little over 3 years. I wrote a blog around the time predicting that the issue of surge protection would become much more of a hot topic and thankfully that has proved to be the case.

The list of instances where surge protection needs to be used was fairly clear and has resulted in surge protection being installed more routinely in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

As a reminder the current 18th edition states: 

Protection against transient over-voltages shall be provided where the consequence caused by over voltage could:

i. Result in serious injury to, or loss of, human life
ii. Result in interruption of public services and/or damage cultural heritage
iii. Result in interruption of commercial or industrial activity
iv. Affect a large number of co-located individuals”

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3 ways we are transforming the Smart Buildings Industry!

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Written by Deepan Patel, Industry Manager- Infrastructure

You might think as a building owner or facilities manager your building is functioning well and there aren’t any visible issues. So why bother making changes right!? The building automation system (BMS) is doing its thing! Just like a few decades ago when it was first commissioned. Why introduce unnecessary unwanted costs?

While these thoughts might be understandable, you could be potentially missing out on the significant savings in costs and system optimisation of making it a modernised smart building. Gartner predicts our BMS sector will see the high growth on the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices adoption.

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PSRmodular – as adaptable as a Chamelion!

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Written by Leigh Jenkins, Product Manager- Safety & Networks

Now is the time to switch from PSRtrisafe to PSRmodular – Phoenix Contact is always on hand to help…

With the pending discontinuation date for PSRtrisafe range closing in daily, the time to move over to the latest technology replacement from Phoenix Contact is NOW. Every effort will be made by Phoenix Contact to provide availability as per the timeline. Although we are already seeing an increase in demand on the PSRmodular range (due to customers who have already made the switch), this demand will affect the manufacturing and availability for the PSRtrisafe products, resulting in them becoming extremely limited or not available prior to the planned end of life date.

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Embrace power from the sun

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Written by Mark Lloyd, Senior Product Manager- Surge Protection & Power Supplies and Fraser Cowie, Product Manager- Interface

Whether you own your home, run a business, or have some land that can be developed, you can make use of this space to install solar panels, which will help reduce your carbon footprint and you can benefit from lower energy bills.

Phoenix Contact have a plethora of solutions which can be utilised in solar applications helping you to install, control and protect your solar application.

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