PSRmini just got bigger…?

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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager- Safety, I/O & Networks

PSR MiniJust 2 years ago Phoenix contact released the smallest safety relay into the market. Safety in just 6mm. Since the initial launch, Phoenix Contact has expanded the range and functionality, and the demand has continued to grow.

The range already covered the main requirements for Machine building and Process Engineering but in response to customer demand we have gone a step further to “fill the gaps” that exist in the market today. Here are some examples :

  • Wide range input versions 24v….230v ac/dc
  • Contact extensions with up to 5N/O – 1N/C contacts
  • Safety relays with lift industry approval to the new standard – EN81-20
  • Safety relays with on delay/off delay functionality
  • Two handed control to TYPE IIIA/IIIC
  • Motor standstill monitoring

PSR Mini rangeToday, Phoenix Contact has one of the most comprehensive ranges of safety relays in the market and it continues to grow. All of our safety products are backed up with helpful literature and application guides to assist in your selection and implementation into your machine or system. We also provide the latest up to date SISTEMA libraries to assist your validation and approval.

Some useful links below:

Safety Relay Characteristics (PDF)

Safety Application Guide (PDF)

PSR Mini Applications (PDF)

For more information contact Andy on 07584 235440 or email:

Process indicators and field devices for recording, controlling and monitoring

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Written by Fraser Cowie, Product Marketing Manager- Interface

Here some more innovations from Phoenix Contact that are typically used in the process and water industries, but are suitable for other markets and industries. Phoenix Contact has a good range of field analogue products, but this year has seen the range more than double with some fantastic new offers. Please read on to discover what is now available:

Multi-functional process displays – for analogue and temperature signals

Process DisplaysThe FA MCR process display enables you to monitor and display analogue and temperature signals, as well as control, using digital and analogue outputs.

Features of these displays are as follows:

  • Simple configuration of process indicators via the front keypad or use of FDT/DTM software
  • Panel or field (IP67) mounting options
  • Simultaneous display of process values via a bar graph and measuring point designation
  • Identification in the event of error states when the display will change colour to suit.
  • External or loop powered versions
  • EX versions for hazardous areas
  • HART Master functionality
  • DNV-GL approval

Temperature transducersTemperature transducers – head or panel mounted

  • 2 sensor inputs
  • High accuracy (0,1 K with PT100)
  • SIL 2 (SIL 3 1oo2)
  • Push-In connection
  • EX i versions
  • HART enabled
  • Optional display and field housing for head transmitter

For more information of these offers use the web code #1317

Other analogue devices available from Phoenix include the Mini Analogue Pro, MACX analogue and MACX analogue Safety signal conditioners.

MACX AnalogMini Analog Pro

For more information on our measurement and control offer get in touch with Fraser Cowie, by phone on 07584514963 or via email:

Introducing…Mark Cain, Industry Manager- Infrastructure

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Written by Mark Cain, Industry Manager- Infrastructure (UK)

Mark Cain

Getting started!

I have just completed my first two weeks with Phoenix Contact UK and my goodness there’s a lot to learn. With 60,000 plus products spread over six catalogues just trying to imagine presenting our offering to customers is overwhelming to say the least. To be honest I was slightly concerned about how a company could manage such a vast product portfolio. I have quickly learnt that the business is structured in such a way that each group of products has a dedicated team managing their lines and experts offering support. Getting to know the product managers is going to be a high priority!

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Expanding range of UPS for AC applications

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Written by Mark Lloyd, Product Manager- Power Supplies & Surge Protection

For many years the use of Uninterruptible Power Supplies or UPS in the control cabinet have been the domain of the DC UPS, by which I mean mains in and low voltage DC out. Less common is the use of AC UPS, by which I mean mains in and mains out.

QUINT AC UPS In certain sectors, such as Water/Wastewater it has been common practice for some years to use what I would call commercial grade AC UPS, such as you would find in office IT applications.  Because these UPS are not designed for industrial applications they are usually just sat in the bottom of the cabinet. Not a very elegant solution.

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UL approved ferrules

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Written by Andy Neat, Product Manager- Marking & Installation

It’s been a while. Two months to be precise. I was starting to get Blog withdrawal symptoms but here I am, back behind my keyboard. So I thought I’d crash land with a big one for you, something exciting! Something more exciting than that little bit of chocolate at the bottom of a Cornetto that you work your way down to (other ice creams are available). I’m here to talk to you about Ferrules! You heard me right, ferrules. Those little things you pop on the end of your cable to terminate into a…well, terminal.

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New and improved Combicon product configurator with 3D visualisation

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Written by Karl Fazakerley, Product Manager- Device Connections.

Combicon ConfiguratorPhoenix Contact manufactures 1000s of different PCB terminal blocks and connectors.  Having a large number of options to select the ideal part for your application is great and shows the capability of phoenix Contact,  but to find the part you require can be a minefield.

Phoenix Contact has made this task a whole lot easier with our new and improved Combicon product configurator with 3D visualisation!

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Heavycon heavy-duty connector configurator with 3D visualisation

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Written by Scott Mulholland, Product Manager- Industrial Components

Heavycon connectorsAnyone who has ever tried to configure a heavy duty connector from the main components (hood, base, inserts, glands etc) will know that the number of components to choose from is huge. The upside of having this large number of components from which to select the ideal connector solution for your application can sometimes have the downside of perhaps having too much to choose from.

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What do you need to connect today?

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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager- Safety,  I/O & Networks

WLAN 1100The demand for data and information flow is growing.  You need to get your machine networked with the absolute minimum fuss.

The new WLAN 1100 provides a compact space saving solution by combining an access point and antenna in a single device. Two powerful antennas with MIMO technology ensure fast and stable wireless in your application.  In contrast to the classic concept, it is installed like an antenna directly onto machinery, mobile vehicles or control cabinets, rather than inside the control cabinet, saving valuable space.

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Turn on to Phoenix Contact’s switching offers

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Written by Fraser Cowie- Product Marketing Manager- Interface

Best Switching So what is it that Phoenix Contact does exactly? Everyone knows that we make those little green connections that are on Printed Circuit Boards, but what else?

The answer is we make just about anything that can connect, control and automate your application – from cabling solutions to programmable logic controllers. For now let’s focus on the simple side of the automation business – switching things on and off!

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Clipsafe- everything from a single source

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Written by Dave Hall, Industry Manager-  UK Process

I’m back for another blog focused on the Process Industry to tell you about a new product introduction which has been launched recently. I can see this product being used in many applications, so on to the detail.

Junction boxesAs the world’s largest manufacturer of DIN rail mounted terminal blocks, Phoenix Contact can announce the introduction of their own range of Ex approved junction boxes – this exciting new range of enclosures includes stainless steel and polyester versions complementing the well-known range of din rail mounted terminal blocks that are already being used extensively in the process related industry.

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