SIMPLE Remote Access

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Written Andy Maskell


Ask any engineer what is important when they want to use remote access and the same answers always come back…..

  • Simplicity
  • Reliability



You have to satisfy the basic IT/Ethernet requirements in order to establish a connection to a remote system and it is not easy to do unless you are an IT specialist.

So at Phoenix Contact we do this bit for you…


Phoenix Cyber Security  have been providing the mGuard Secure Cloud successfully for years now.

It is simple, reliable and FREE as a basic user. Continue reading

IoT – What does this mean for the PCB Design Engineer? Everything!

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Written by Karl Fazakerley


The Internet of Things (IoT) is here, and it is the game changer.  IoT has been described as the fourth Industrial Revolution. And if all the research and speculation is accurate, we’re going to be seeing at least 26 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020.  This is all great, but it’s easy to feel disconnected from the future-looking talk from a PCB Design Engineer viewpoint. After all, how much of a role are you really going to be playing in those fancy marketing words like Smart Homes, Smart Cars, and Smart Cities? Continue reading

Smart Networks for the Future of Automation

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Written by Gareth Chamberlain

Throughout my life I have seen huge changes in the way IT has moved in the commercial sector. From multiple standalone servers taking up huge spaces and needing dedicated employees to look after the well-being of each one, to today where all the servers are combined in to a single physical piece with hosted virtualised servers on the physical platform.

I’m also lucky enough to be witnessing the same changing shift within the industrial sector. Engineers who have only been used to dealing with serial devices are now being asked to dive into the world of IT with Ethernet, Wireless and IT network protocols, with projects that demand real time data back to a central server.


Phoenix Contact has been asked on many occasions within 2017 on how we can help companies achieve these goals of modernisation into the digital realm. With Industry 4.0, this means that demands and goals could be very different from site to site or even each application. This poses the issue of what protocols to use or products to choose from.




Luckily we are able to help you in many situations, from wireless communication to streamlining your Ethernet traffic, to help stop your network getting flooded with multicast broadcasts. But also bringing your legacy serial devices on to your Ethernet network so it can be seen companywide or worldwide.

But with all these systems going online and your data transmitted over long distances we always need to talk about Cyber Security. With new recent issues hitting Intel and ARM processors it shows that pretty much anything can be a target of malicious code.

We would love to know how we can help you in making your network work for you. Not only that but give you tools to give you access data into your process.

Gareth Chamberlain

Technical Support
Network and Cyber Security Specialist
Phoenix Contact Ltd

You can contact Gareth on the below:

Call: 07946757375


Twitter: @phoenix_cyberUK

Vertical Market Management Team 2018 – New Energy Solutions

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Written by Nigel Dawbarn


We start 2018 with changes to the team; David Hall, who has worked for Phoenix Contact for 19 years has decided now is the right time to retire.  David will leave us in February, having done a sterling job in the Process market over the last few years, so I would like to wish David all the best in his well-deserved retirement. We will look forward to welcoming David’s replacement in during February.


Mark Cain has completed six months with us and settled in to the team very well and is making great progress within his remit for Infrastructure and I’m sure we will hear more from Mark in the coming weeks / months.

During 2017 we, as PHOENIX CONTACT have made some great investments in new technologies and company acquisitions as the more eagle-eyed of you will have noticed on our news pages. Continue reading

DATA – SIGNAL – POWER…The Top 10 Predictions for 2018

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Written by Duncan Nicol, Market Segment Manager – Device Connections

Solutions for a Connected World


Top 10 trend predictions for 2018

In the world of device connections 2017 was a very busy year and we expect 2018 to continue the trend. Here are our top 10 predicted trends for 2018 and we invite you to watch this space for new and exciting product developments throughout the year. Continue reading

Happy New Year – Let’s take a look at what is in store for 2018…

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Welcome to a brand new year of blogging.  As always, our marketing department has a busy year of exhibitions and seminars planned.  Why not join us at one of our events?  Meet our industry specialists and discover more about new products that will be launched this year.After an incredibly exciting 2017, we are raring to go into 2018 and here’s what we have in store for you this year. We have waved goodbye to 2017 and 2018 is going to be an event filled year!

Continue reading

Merry Christmas – Let’s take a look back at 2017…

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If you can believe it, 2017 is coming to an end and we about to embark on another year. This year has been a great year Phoenix Contact and I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed our blog posts and discovered how our great products can help you and your business.

But if there are any that you have missed, would like to revisit, or you just need a little break from the last manic Monday of the year; I have put together some of the year’s best blog’s, so grab yourself a brew (or mulled wine and mince pie, it is Christmas after all) and revisit our industry highlights of the year.



One of our major campaigns this year was #MarkingTheNation from Andy Neat, who introduced the industry to the latest developments in marking. Andy’s unique blogging style has always proved popular and the blog that stood out for me this year was his introduction of RFID marking and how it can save you both time and money. Another cracker (pun intended) was Andy’s introduction to how Phoenix Contact is constantly innovating and inspiring in Industrial Marking and how this can help your business. Watch out in 2018, where Andy is going to take #markingthenation to a different level – look for special offers and competitions

The Power of a Smart Networks


2017 had a huge focus on Cyber Security and Smart Networks. Our Safe & Secure seminars proved popular again in 2017. This blog written by Gareth, from earlier on in 2017, on our Safe and Secure Workshops illustrates that industrial security should be at the top of everyone’s list. Make sure to register now to join us for next year’s Safe and Secure Workshops, where Gareth will demonstrate how easy it is for hackers to gain access to your networks. Yet another important blog from this year was from Tony Deane on the introduction of PROFICLOUD and how powerful it can be in helping your business, without expense or complication. In 2018 we’ll officially launch our Smart Networks Campaign where Gareth will be running workshops and special events throughout the year, watch this space.

Inspiring Innovations of 2017

Phoenix Contact has launched numerous products this year and the two blogs that stand out for me on this subject, is Fraser’s blog on what’s new in best switching and how we will do just about anything we can to help your industry connect, control and automate your applications. Another great innovation this year, is the narrowest surge protection yet, the TERMITRAB COMPLETE was introduced to us in a blog by Mark Lloyd who discussed who could benefit from the brilliant innovation.



Our position as a global market leader in device connection technology, industrial control and automation solutions is explored in Duncan’s blog on solutions for a connected world.  An additional member of the DC team, Karl, blogs on Combicon Product Configurators with 3D visualisation breaks down the many options Phoenix Contact offers for terminal blocks and connectors.  A stand out blog for me from this year has to be another from Duncan who explores the market of electric vehicles and discusses why he thinks they are here for the long-haul.

Industry Solutions


With the importance of solar power and the environment becoming ever more prevalent throughout the world, our industry manager Nigel blogs about our Building Automation Solutions, and what Phoenix Contact can do for you. Nigel also explored the world of water in 2017, whether it is clean water, wastewater or solutions for your own systems, Phoenix Contact has the answer. A member of Nigel’s team is Dave Hall who focussed on the process industry when talking about Clipsafe, a product launched for 2017 and can be used in numerous applications, where everything comes from a single source.


So, all that’s left to say now is that I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our blog will return in 2018 with more posts from our product managers and industry specialists.

Please do get in touch if there is a subject that you would like us to cover in our blog next year. And please share your thoughts and application photos with us on Twitter, we love to see our products in action!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Phoenix Contact.

Discover how Phoenix Contact can light up your day – with cabinet lighting, that is

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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager – I/O Systems

Ok, it is a bold statement I know…

But have you ever worked on a control cabinet and wished someone had thought to install cabinet lighting?

Instead you have a torch balanced somewhere or taped to the side of the panel. It’s usually late at night and just to make matters even worse you’re under pressure. Let’s be honest, it is not a great place to be.

Lights installed in control cabinets are not a new thing but up until now they have been large, expensive and in need of regular maintenance and as a result have not been seen as a necessity, but more of a nuisance.

Continue reading

Cable Guiding System – Don’t make life stressful for your conductors

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Written by Scott Mullholland, Product Manager – Industrial Components

cable guidance image

Most of us reach for the tried and tested zip tie to manage our cables. Why wouldn’t we? They’re cheap, easy to use and can generally be found lying around most work-shop benches. There is no special training required and quite a hefty bunch of conductors can be quickly brought into line.

The maxim ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ springs to mind.

Here at Phoenix Contact, we recognise that re-inventing the wheel is not a particularly attractive or sustainable business approach.

That being said, we also recognise that in a lot of instances, a fistful of zip ties or a hastily sourced piece of flexible conduit might not be the most effective approach to taking your conductors to the control cabinet door.

If the cabinet door has a very busy frontage populated with various buttons, meters, LCD panels , sockets, HMI etc. It may pay you to take a more structured approach to how you organise and manage your cables. We can forget the importance of cable management certainly in safety critical applications, environments and sectors where the process is paramount to maintaining continuous production, protecting the integrity of your connections. Realistically, by managing the cables/conductors that service those connections, makes a great deal of sense.

Our Cable Guidance System (CGS) offers you the capability to do all of the above.

The benefits of which are probably best illustrated in this short video clip.

The CGS comes in two basic formats. The first uses a thread through approach to managing your cables i.e. you literally feed (or thread) through your conductors, once this is done, the cables are effectively managed from there on in, and will be protected from adverse strain on opening and closing the cabinet door. This is the CGS 50.

The other option is the grey/orange version (CGSA 50). The general rule on Phoenix products is that if it is orange, it either moves or actuates something. In this case, the orange articulated joints can be moved to the ‘open’ position (please refer to video) to enable you to add or remove cables very quickly and very easily, thus ‘future-proofing’ your installation.


Finally, further protection (and to neaten up the process) can be added by choosing the clip on cover CGS-AH 50

Main features

  • Cable entry opening: 42 mm
  • Number of cables at 1.5 mm²: maximum 100 pieces
  • Opening angle of the control cabinet door: maximum 180°
  • Insulation material: PC
  • Flammability rating in accordance with UL 94: V0

For more information on the CGS or to arrange a sample, please contact your local Phoenix sales engineer

Scott Mullholland

Product Manager – Industrial Components
Tel: +44(0)1952 681 700
Fax: +44(0)1952 681 739
Mobile: +44(0) 7908 583 375