Discover the latest in energy and transport technology at Fully Charged Live 2018…

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Written by Nigel Dawbarn

In a couple of weekend’s time, we will exhibit at “Fully Charged Live” at the Silverstone Circuit. An exhibition of energy and transportation technologies, with an, Ask the Expert area and lots of theatre sessions including panel discussions around the subject of Electric Vehicles in the UK. Hosts include Robert Llewellyn, Jonny Smith and Helen Czerski from the YouTube show “Fully Charged”


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Small, but powerful: Discover the new 1kVA QUINT4 AC UPS

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Written by Mark Lloyd

I have been working with AC UPS systems from a few VA up to a few hundred kilowatts for a number of years now. What that experience has taught me, is that including a UPS in a system design is very often an afterthought. In smaller systems such as a typical ICA panel, where only a few kVA is required, space is often at a premium. Therefore, trying to fit a UPS in post design can be tricky.


What generally happens is that a standard off the shelf, commercial UPS is placed in the bottom of the panel.  This firstly does not look very good and secondly is not a very industrial solution.

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Drives & Controls… The burning questions we have the answer to…

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Did you come and see us at Drives & Controls? If so, brilliant, this is for you. If not, brilliant, this is for you too!

As we find all too often, not everybody is aware of how vast the Phoenix Contact range of products is. This was a great opportunity for everyone involved in all aspects of engineering to see what we can do and discuss applications and possible solutions. It was a great success and a huge thank you to anyone that had any kind of engagement with the show, you could not beat the buzz of the open days a t the NEC.

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Design for Manufacturer

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Choosing the right solution to optimise production and reduce assembly costs.

It wasn’t so long ago that PCB production was predominantly manual assembly of through-hole components followed by wave soldering and then manual test and inspection. In the mid-nineties I was tasked with introducing surface mount technology (SMT) into fire detection products and worked closely with production to optimise the design and manufacturing processes. Over time we were able to significantly reduce the use of the manual assembly and the wave oven, saving production costs and time consuming maintenance.

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Discover what you can achieve when creating solutions with our custom connectors and enclosures…

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Written by Gary Nelson – Senior Product Manager – Device Connections

Will your new design need a component or enclosure that you’d ideally like to be customised in some way?


It can be a conscious trade off you end up making between using components and enclosures that exist in the general marketplace over having something that meets your specific needs. You may be looking for something as simple as a colour change or having characters marked onto the product or perhaps your needs are greater and you wish to have poles removed or holes milled into an enclosure. The more you modify the product the better the chance it has of meeting your exact needs and ensuring that your customers know the best way to handle your design especially where safety critical applications are concerned.

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Discover how easy ot is to install the WLAN 1100

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By Gareth Chamberlain

This mornings Monday Blog is pretty simple, we decided that we would show you how easy it is to achieve your best internet access yet by installing the WLAN 1100…

For more information on the WLAN 1100 click here.


Whilst you’re here, did you know that this year is the final year we will be running our free one day Safe and Secure Workshops?


Safe and Secure is the opportunity to attend a free one day course on how to keep your machine is Safe & Secure from human interference, cyberattacks and surge and lightning strikes.

Sign up today. 


For more information you can contact Gareth on

or  +44 (0)1952 681720

Discover the Hidden Gems Inside Our Best Switching Portfolio

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Phoenix Contact has a vast array of products and solutions, so it’s hard to keep up with them all. Here are some more ‘hidden’ innovations from Phoenix Contact that will save you time, space, wiring effort or all three!

Take a look at the following offers and for more information check them out on our web site.

Electronic reversing load relay, with integrated soft switch

The electronic load relay and reversing-load relay (ELR) provide wear-resistant switching of asynchronous motors due to their semiconductor switches even at high switching frequencies. To increase the life of a drive, as well as for special applications, the drive executes a soft start.

The ELR W 3/9-400 S enables the parameterizable soft start of an asynchronous motor.


Your advantages:

  • Parameterization is performed directly on the device via the display and keyboard
  • Drive can be controlled locally via keyboard
  • Start-up time / Stop time
  • Friction time
  • Torque start /stop
  • Braking torque


Electronic reversing relay for DC motors

The ELR-DC electronic reversing relay allows mechanically commutated DC motors to be switched. They reverse and reduce the speed of DC motors up to 24VDC 6 A in a wear free manner.


  • Short circuit, surge voltage and overload proof output guarantees reliable use in your plant.
  • Internal interlocking and load wiring considerably reduce the wiring effort.

When a 24 VDC signal is applied at the ‘left’ input, the output supplies the motor with voltage. When the ‘right’ output is activated, the polarity of the voltage at the output is reversed. If the signal is applied at both inputs simultaneously, the motor is short circuited internally by the ELR-DC and reduces the speed.


Multiplexer for HART signals

HART Multiplexer for online configuration and diagnostics of HART-compatible field devices, as well as for continuous documentation of process variables and states with a PC or management system.



Your advantages

  • Supports online configuration and diagnostics for the connected HART-compatible field devices
  • Communication via software tool (e.g., HART OPC server) using RS-485 interface
  • Up to 128 HART multiplexers on one PC interface
  • 32 HART channels per multiplexer
  • Continuous documentation of process variables and states
  • Electrical isolation between auxiliary voltage, RS-485 bus, and the HART channels
  • HART field devices are accessed parallel to the transmission of the measurement signal without affecting measured value processing
  • HART field devices connected via universal HART connection boards; direct connection if processing non-Ex signals, with separate Ex i signal isolator connected upstream if processing Ex signals
  • Power supply via HART connection board


7 Segment Displays

MCR digital display, for measurement and display of standard signals.



Your advantages

  • 48 x 24 mm display
  • 8 mm LED, 7-segment
  • Min./max. value saving
  • 5 or 6 digit display
  • For 0 … 10 V and 0(4) … 20 mA standard analogue
  • Frequency signals up to 60kHz ( specific display)
  • Electrical isolation
  • Programmable
  • Freely programmable decimal point display


For more information on any of the above offers please take a look at the Phoenix UK web site or contact the product manager Fraser Cowie on 07584514963 or

Introducing the Monday VLOG…get to know a little more about our marking and installation solutions

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So you’re probably used to seeing a blog here, right?

Well after Andy’s new found fame in front of the camera when he was over in Germany for the PMM, we thought we could utilise his talents and introduce a vlog to add a slight difference to  your Monday morning.

In this weeks vlog Andy is going to show you how easy it is to use some of his products and how quickly you can achieve exactly what you need in regards to marking and installation.


And look out for next weeks instalment of Andy on screen when we reveal what he got up to in front of the camera in Germany when his acting skills were put to the test.

For any more information on Andy’s marking products click here.

Learn more about the Thermomark Prime

Learn more about CF3000

Learn more Cutfox10 

You can follow Andy here

and email Andy on

Discover what you can achieve with the new versatile controller for Smart Buildings+

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Written by Mark Cain


Over the past 6 months the UK Industry team have been working towards Phoenix becoming an established name within the BMS world. All the larger automation companies have established brands servicing this industry and Tridium’s Niagara software is one of the fastest growing platforms.



There is a movement towards the technology and techniques used in buildings to be utilised in manufacturing and automation. The discussions regarding Industry 4.0 mean manufacturing and automation companies will need to be more flexible and open in their approach. The emergence of IoT and ‘Smart Citites’ will push businesses to re-think the way they operate.


Niagara offers end users the ability to easily connect process data, energy data and environmental data to give a full overview of the ‘health’ of their facility.  Niagara gives users the chance to customise how data is viewed from a basic graphical interface to a modern ‘game’ style interface.




Phoenix Contact has launched the first truly industrial grade ‘building’ controller, the ILC 2050 BI running Niagara4. We see this as an alternative to the standard type controller giving the end user a far more flexible and robust solution. Utilising Phoenix Contact’s extensive experience in machine building and automation the I/O which connects to the ILC 2050 BI is designed to offer maximum flexibility with minimum space used within the panel. With the controller at only 80mm wide and I/O from as narrow as 12mm, the ILC 2050 BI and associated I/O can save money in panels while utilising only the required I/O.

The Industry team is about to launch a campaign promoting the ILC 2050 BI and are expecting impressive growth and penetration into these new markets. To be part of this movement and for more information etc.

Mark Cain
Industry Manager – Infrastructure (UK)

Tel: +44 (0)1952 681700
Mobile: +44 (0) 7798 561832


Phoenix Contact at Battery Tech 2018 – The Power of Battery Storage.

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Written by Duncan Nicol

Batteries have been around for a very long time, but it‘s only in recent years that significant investment has been thrown at the challenge of making batteries more efficient and better suited to emerging applications such as home energy storage and electric vehicles. Batteries can also perform an important role in managing peak demand from the grid as demonstrated recently by Tesla in Australia.

One of the big challenges facing battery technology in the automotive sector is the ability to charge them quickly and make long distance travel more practical. Rapid charging brings its own challenges especially to the connector technology which is an area Phoenix Contact have been very active in over the years. A typical charging cable deployed in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure is required to perform a minimum of 10,000 mating cycles. To put that into context, if you plugged your phone in to charge once a day it would take 27 years to reach 10,000 mating cycles and I doubt anyone has a charging cable that is 27 years old.


Phoenix Contact has been working on the next generation of CCS connectors for High Powered Charging (HPC) with the ability to deliver 500 amps and shorten charge times to just a few minutes. As the amps increase so does the operating temperature and so the challenge for HPC is heat management. This is achieved by actively cooling the cable and contacts during the charging cycle which in turn increase charging efficiencies.






We have also developed 400 amp battery swap connectors for use in electric buses to minimise operational downtime. The technical challenges to achieving this are considerable and require the connector to be both vibration resistant during operation and provide tolerance compensation during automatic mating with a requirement for over 10,000 mating cycles.



Home energy storage is another emerging application for batteries and complements solar to deliver the energy when needed and not just when the sun is shining. This is an area of technology where more conventional solutions are applicable and we offer a wide range of solutions. PCB connectors are not always considered for high current applications but we offer solutions up to 232 amps with various connection technologies.

For more information on our solutions for battery storage please visit us at the Battery Tech Expo on 15th of March 2018 at the International Centre Telford.

For more information contact:

Direct Tel: +44 (0)7799 072 059