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Written by Mark Cain


Over the past 6 months the UK Industry team have been working towards Phoenix becoming an established name within the BMS world. All the larger automation companies have established brands servicing this industry and Tridium’s Niagara software is one of the fastest growing platforms.



There is a movement towards the technology and techniques used in buildings to be utilised in manufacturing and automation. The discussions regarding Industry 4.0 mean manufacturing and automation companies will need to be more flexible and open in their approach. The emergence of IoT and ‘Smart Citites’ will push businesses to re-think the way they operate.


Niagara offers end users the ability to easily connect process data, energy data and environmental data to give a full overview of the ‘health’ of their facility.  Niagara gives users the chance to customise how data is viewed from a basic graphical interface to a modern ‘game’ style interface.




Phoenix Contact has launched the first truly industrial grade ‘building’ controller, the ILC 2050 BI running Niagara4. We see this as an alternative to the standard type controller giving the end user a far more flexible and robust solution. Utilising Phoenix Contact’s extensive experience in machine building and automation the I/O which connects to the ILC 2050 BI is designed to offer maximum flexibility with minimum space used within the panel. With the controller at only 80mm wide and I/O from as narrow as 12mm, the ILC 2050 BI and associated I/O can save money in panels while utilising only the required I/O.

The Industry team is about to launch a campaign promoting the ILC 2050 BI and are expecting impressive growth and penetration into these new markets. To be part of this movement and for more information etc.

Mark Cain
Industry Manager – Infrastructure (UK)

Tel: +44 (0)1952 681700
Mobile: +44 (0) 7798 561832


Phoenix Contact at Battery Tech 2018 – The Power of Battery Storage.

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Written by Duncan Nicol

Batteries have been around for a very long time, but it‘s only in recent years that significant investment has been thrown at the challenge of making batteries more efficient and better suited to emerging applications such as home energy storage and electric vehicles. Batteries can also perform an important role in managing peak demand from the grid as demonstrated recently by Tesla in Australia.

One of the big challenges facing battery technology in the automotive sector is the ability to charge them quickly and make long distance travel more practical. Rapid charging brings its own challenges especially to the connector technology which is an area Phoenix Contact have been very active in over the years. A typical charging cable deployed in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure is required to perform a minimum of 10,000 mating cycles. To put that into context, if you plugged your phone in to charge once a day it would take 27 years to reach 10,000 mating cycles and I doubt anyone has a charging cable that is 27 years old.


Phoenix Contact has been working on the next generation of CCS connectors for High Powered Charging (HPC) with the ability to deliver 500 amps and shorten charge times to just a few minutes. As the amps increase so does the operating temperature and so the challenge for HPC is heat management. This is achieved by actively cooling the cable and contacts during the charging cycle which in turn increase charging efficiencies.






We have also developed 400 amp battery swap connectors for use in electric buses to minimise operational downtime. The technical challenges to achieving this are considerable and require the connector to be both vibration resistant during operation and provide tolerance compensation during automatic mating with a requirement for over 10,000 mating cycles.



Home energy storage is another emerging application for batteries and complements solar to deliver the energy when needed and not just when the sun is shining. This is an area of technology where more conventional solutions are applicable and we offer a wide range of solutions. PCB connectors are not always considered for high current applications but we offer solutions up to 232 amps with various connection technologies.

For more information on our solutions for battery storage please visit us at the Battery Tech Expo on 15th of March 2018 at the International Centre Telford.

For more information contact:

Direct Tel: +44 (0)7799 072 059


Monday Blog – Machine Building – Phoenix Contact Growing Up?

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Written by Tony Parrott


Finally a ‘ the silver surfer’ has been given the opportunity to write a blagg blogg and put forward a different perspective on what is changing within Phoenix Contact UK.

So by way of introduction I promise not to talk about components and eulogise about data rates, flashing LED’s and limitless features that potentially excite us Engineers.

My name is Tony Parrott and I have been with Phoenix Contact 5 years and since August 2017 my role within Phoenix Contact has had the new catchy title of Business Development Manager – Machine Building. Why have we done this and what does it mean to you in the competitive world of manufacturing?

Well apart from giving me a title that now fills my business card, it is a positive move in the outlook of Phoenix Contact. This means our philosophy as a manufacturer of ICE Components (Industrial Components & Electronics) is changing in these times of rapid advancements in so many areas.

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SIMPLE Remote Access

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Written Andy Maskell


Ask any engineer what is important when they want to use remote access and the same answers always come back…..

  • Simplicity
  • Reliability



You have to satisfy the basic IT/Ethernet requirements in order to establish a connection to a remote system and it is not easy to do unless you are an IT specialist.

So at Phoenix Contact we do this bit for you…


Phoenix Cyber Security  have been providing the mGuard Secure Cloud successfully for years now.

It is simple, reliable and FREE as a basic user. Continue reading

IoT – What does this mean for the PCB Design Engineer? Everything!

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Written by Karl Fazakerley


The Internet of Things (IoT) is here, and it is the game changer.  IoT has been described as the fourth Industrial Revolution. And if all the research and speculation is accurate, we’re going to be seeing at least 26 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020.  This is all great, but it’s easy to feel disconnected from the future-looking talk from a PCB Design Engineer viewpoint. After all, how much of a role are you really going to be playing in those fancy marketing words like Smart Homes, Smart Cars, and Smart Cities? Continue reading

Smart Networks for the Future of Automation

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Written by Gareth Chamberlain

Throughout my life I have seen huge changes in the way IT has moved in the commercial sector. From multiple standalone servers taking up huge spaces and needing dedicated employees to look after the well-being of each one, to today where all the servers are combined in to a single physical piece with hosted virtualised servers on the physical platform.

I’m also lucky enough to be witnessing the same changing shift within the industrial sector. Engineers who have only been used to dealing with serial devices are now being asked to dive into the world of IT with Ethernet, Wireless and IT network protocols, with projects that demand real time data back to a central server.


Phoenix Contact has been asked on many occasions within 2017 on how we can help companies achieve these goals of modernisation into the digital realm. With Industry 4.0, this means that demands and goals could be very different from site to site or even each application. This poses the issue of what protocols to use or products to choose from.




Luckily we are able to help you in many situations, from wireless communication to streamlining your Ethernet traffic, to help stop your network getting flooded with multicast broadcasts. But also bringing your legacy serial devices on to your Ethernet network so it can be seen companywide or worldwide.

But with all these systems going online and your data transmitted over long distances we always need to talk about Cyber Security. With new recent issues hitting Intel and ARM processors it shows that pretty much anything can be a target of malicious code.

We would love to know how we can help you in making your network work for you. Not only that but give you tools to give you access data into your process.

Gareth Chamberlain

Technical Support
Network and Cyber Security Specialist
Phoenix Contact Ltd

You can contact Gareth on the below:

Call: 07946757375


Twitter: @phoenix_cyberUK

Vertical Market Management Team 2018 – New Energy Solutions

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Written by Nigel Dawbarn


We start 2018 with changes to the team; David Hall, who has worked for Phoenix Contact for 19 years has decided now is the right time to retire.  David will leave us in February, having done a sterling job in the Process market over the last few years, so I would like to wish David all the best in his well-deserved retirement. We will look forward to welcoming David’s replacement in during February.


Mark Cain has completed six months with us and settled in to the team very well and is making great progress within his remit for Infrastructure and I’m sure we will hear more from Mark in the coming weeks / months.

During 2017 we, as PHOENIX CONTACT have made some great investments in new technologies and company acquisitions as the more eagle-eyed of you will have noticed on our news pages. Continue reading

DATA – SIGNAL – POWER…The Top 10 Predictions for 2018

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Written by Duncan Nicol, Market Segment Manager – Device Connections

Solutions for a Connected World


Top 10 trend predictions for 2018

In the world of device connections 2017 was a very busy year and we expect 2018 to continue the trend. Here are our top 10 predicted trends for 2018 and we invite you to watch this space for new and exciting product developments throughout the year. Continue reading

Happy New Year – Let’s take a look at what is in store for 2018…

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Welcome to a brand new year of blogging.  As always, our marketing department has a busy year of exhibitions and seminars planned.  Why not join us at one of our events?  Meet our industry specialists and discover more about new products that will be launched this year.After an incredibly exciting 2017, we are raring to go into 2018 and here’s what we have in store for you this year. We have waved goodbye to 2017 and 2018 is going to be an event filled year!

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