Everything for Best Switching – What’s new in our relay offers

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Written by Fraser Cowie, Product Marketing Manager – Interface


Phoenix Contact are synonymous with bringing out new and exciting offers on a regular basis, but we are perfectionists and are not against tinkering with an existing best seller if we feel it can be improved.

Here are some new additions and options within our PLC and RIF relay offers:


Phoenix Contact are synonymous with bringing out new and exciting offers on a regular basis, but we are perfectionists and are not against tinkering with an existing best seller if we feel it can be improved.

Here are some new additions and options within our PLC and RIF relay offers:

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Written by Duncan Nicol, Market Segment Manager, Device Connectionsrobot_hand_imageSolutions for a Connected World.

Phoenix Contact’s position as a global market leader in device connection technology, industrial control and automation solutions is achieved by developing “Inspiring Innovations”. With thousands of new products launched each year, we lead the way in product development and innovation.

At the Electronics Design Show (EDS) this year we will be showcasing the very latest in device connection technology together with electronics enclosure solutions for embedded systems.  This year’s highlight products include the SKEDD direct plug-in PCB connectors, M12 power connectors, UCS & ECS enclosures for embedded systems & harsh environments, and electric vehicle charging solutions.

Design for manufacturer.

Device connectivity is much more that finding the correct connector for the job. When considering a new project we focus on both the application and production process in order to achieve the best overall solution for the customer. Working in partnership with our customers enables us to support them throughout the design process to achieve the most cost effective and technically appropriate solution.

As an example, in today’s highly automated production environment it is important to consider the production process together with the functionality of the end product. If the design calls for a PCB terminal for a cable cross section of 1.5mm2 with push in technology this is often driven by the need to improve the final assembly (wiring) of the product either in the factory or in the field. In this instance the obvious choice may be the PTSA 1,5 which meets the design criteria. However the PTDA is a wave soldered part and the remainder of the BOM is designed for reflow soldering. Therefore to avoid a secondary soldering process the better solution may be the SPT-THR 1,5 as this meets the design criteria and is designed for reflow soldering saving assembly time and production costs.

The SPT is also available as a surface mount part (SPT-SMD) providing the additional benefit of freeing up space on the underside of the PCB.

If you are planning to visit EDS this year please drop by to the Phoenix Contact stand M18 to discuss your next project.

Visit us at EDS on the 18th and 19th of October, Ricoh Arena, Coventry

For more information click here.

For more information of the DATA-SIGNAL-POWER options from Phoenix Contact email Duncan Nichol on dnichol@phoenixcontact.com

TERMITRAB Complete – Much More Than Just Surge Protection

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Written by Mark Lloyd, Product Marketing Manager, Power Supplies and Surge Protection

A few months back, I blogged that we had developed and released a complete family of new Surge Protection Devices specifically for Measurement Control and Regulation or MCR applications. In other words, protecting signal lines. The new range, called Termitrab Complete (henceforward referred to as TTC) was officially unveiled at The Hannover Fair this year, and despite the family not even having been on the market for a year, I am reliably informed that there are already an additional 30+ new articles in planning to be released in 2018. But that is for a future blog.

While protecting power systems from transient surges is relatively well established, I still detect a bit more reluctance to accept that signal lines also need to be protected.

So, why would you need to protect signal lines? Well, lightning discharges during storms are a frequent cause of transient surge voltages and even remote lightning strikes can have an effect on electronics due to the rise in potential in the ground due to the earth resistance and the lightning current. This increase in potential continues via the grounding system and the equipotential bonding conductors and can particularly damage the insulation of devices and cables. As well as that, the electromagnetic field produced by lightning can and does affect signal lines by induction and so components such as field instruments connected by cables laid over long distances in open spaces are particularly at risk. Even cables within buildings can be affected and ultimately whether SPD’s are fitted to signal lines is a decision based upon a financial consideration. Can the end user afford to lose an instrument, or an i/o card and the resultant downtime. It has to be said that it is not just lightning but also inductive and capacitive switching processes that can also lead to coupling of unwanted transients on signal lines. Continue reading

Discover the newest innovations in industrial marking

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Written by Andy Neat, Marking and Installation Product Manager

Let’s turn the volume up to 11!

I’ve got a new marking system to tell you about *fanfare music*.

Yes another one!

Here at Phoenix Contact we’ve been launching marking systems on a yearly basis to push the boundaries of where the market sits in the marking world. From LED light curing, to mobile printing on site and even smart integration with EPLAN, Phoenix Contact keeps innovating.

So In the week where Apple launch a  phone with facial recognition and wireless charging, in the same month as ‘driver-less lorries’ were planned for our motorways, what am I going to throw out there to tickle your taste buds too? Continue reading

Discover our cyber security solutions at IP EXPO 2017

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Written by Gareth Chamberlain, Network and Cyber Security Specialist

IP EXPO is the biggest IT exhibit in the UK and 3rd largest in Europe. It boasts a gathering of the world’s finest names in cyber security, software and future technology developments. Phoenix Contact is a name well known within the industrial arena. It is stepping forward into the world of IT to promote awareness within the Corporate IT sector, to the risks and nature of Industrial Cyber Security.

mguard network connectivity

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Inline Eco-simplicity with safety

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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager- I/O, Safety & Networks.

Inline EcoThe great thing about a competitive market place is the innovation it brings with it. Manufacturers are always developing new ideas and making them a reality. Of course these new ideas need to have something unique, they need to solve a problem, save time, money or both.

INLINE ECO is a range of I/O  that requires no configuration but covers all of the common functions required in machines and systems today. The simplicity reduces costs but also makes it quick and easy to use whilst also solving some common problems.

Using the principle of “One terminal, one function” no software or settings are required throughout the ECO range. All options are fully backward compatible with the Phoenix Contact Inline I/O system making this extremely flexible for new machines or retrofitting.

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Proficloud – Secure Profinet data transfer across regional and international borders

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Written by Tony Deane, CST Technical Manager

With the explosion of the Internet of Things in normal everyday life, for example intelligent home heating systems, security cameras and smart metering, it allows us to live and function at a much higher pace. It is no surprise that Industry is also using the internet to become more efficient at collecting and displaying automation / production data. The analysis of this data allows quick decisions to be made leading to improved efficiency and therefore profitability.

This does not have to be a complicated or expensive.

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Electric vehicles are here to stay

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Written by Duncan Nicol, Market Segment Manager- Device Connections.

Meeting the challenges of building a safe and capable charging infrastructure.

Electric VehiclesThe fallout from the “Diesel Gate” emissions scandal is really starting to take hold with most of the major automotive manufacturers announcing ambitious electric vehicle programs and governments plotting the inevitable death of the internal combustion engine.

With the success of pure electrics like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla’s Model S and the recent production launch of the more affordable Tesla Model 3. The popularity of electric vehicles (EV) is no longer a niche market for the wealthy, but becoming a mainstream mode of personal transport. Increased media coverage together with YouTube channels such as Fully Charged and the EV Experience Centre recently opened in Milton Keynes are all helping consumers to become better informed about the realities of EV ownership.

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PSRmini just got bigger…?

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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager- Safety, I/O & Networks

PSR MiniJust 2 years ago Phoenix contact released the smallest safety relay into the market. Safety in just 6mm. Since the initial launch, Phoenix Contact has expanded the range and functionality, and the demand has continued to grow.

The range already covered the main requirements for Machine building and Process Engineering but in response to customer demand we have gone a step further to “fill the gaps” that exist in the market today. Here are some examples :

  • Wide range input versions 24v….230v ac/dc
  • Contact extensions with up to 5N/O – 1N/C contacts
  • Safety relays with lift industry approval to the new standard – EN81-20
  • Safety relays with on delay/off delay functionality
  • Two handed control to TYPE IIIA/IIIC
  • Motor standstill monitoring

PSR Mini rangeToday, Phoenix Contact has one of the most comprehensive ranges of safety relays in the market and it continues to grow. All of our safety products are backed up with helpful literature and application guides to assist in your selection and implementation into your machine or system. We also provide the latest up to date SISTEMA libraries to assist your validation and approval.

Some useful links below:

Safety Relay Characteristics (PDF)

Safety Application Guide (PDF)

PSR Mini Applications (PDF)

For more information contact Andy on 07584 235440 or email: amaskell@phoenixcontact.com

Process indicators and field devices for recording, controlling and monitoring

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Written by Fraser Cowie, Product Marketing Manager- Interface

Here some more innovations from Phoenix Contact that are typically used in the process and water industries, but are suitable for other markets and industries. Phoenix Contact has a good range of field analogue products, but this year has seen the range more than double with some fantastic new offers. Please read on to discover what is now available:

Multi-functional process displays – for analogue and temperature signals

Process DisplaysThe FA MCR process display enables you to monitor and display analogue and temperature signals, as well as control, using digital and analogue outputs.

Features of these displays are as follows:

  • Simple configuration of process indicators via the front keypad or use of FDT/DTM software
  • Panel or field (IP67) mounting options
  • Simultaneous display of process values via a bar graph and measuring point designation
  • Identification in the event of error states when the display will change colour to suit.
  • External or loop powered versions
  • EX versions for hazardous areas
  • HART Master functionality
  • DNV-GL approval

Temperature transducersTemperature transducers – head or panel mounted

  • 2 sensor inputs
  • High accuracy (0,1 K with PT100)
  • SIL 2 (SIL 3 1oo2)
  • Push-In connection
  • EX i versions
  • HART enabled
  • Optional display and field housing for head transmitter

For more information of these offers use the web code #1317

Other analogue devices available from Phoenix include the Mini Analogue Pro, MACX analogue and MACX analogue Safety signal conditioners.

MACX AnalogMini Analog Pro

For more information on our measurement and control offer get in touch with Fraser Cowie, by phone on 07584514963 or via email: fcowie@phoenixciontact.com