PTVFIX functional fuse blocks

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Written by Scott Mulholland, Product Manager- Industrial Components.

Our ever increasing range of PTFIX blocks now has a significant new edition. We’ve taken the key features of our PTFIX blocks and incorporated fusing functionality into them. This means that the key benefits of PTFIX can now be transferred into your overload and short circuit protection requirements:

  • Same profile as PTFIX blocks
  • Space saving
  • Gives a compact solution
  • Useable straight out of the box (no bridging or configuration required)
  • PT (push in) connection. Vibration proof, one handed, tool free wiring.
  • Larger current injection port, 6 fused pick offs.
  • Multiple mounting options (15mm&35mm din rail, screw flanges or adhesive pads)
  • Available with or without LED blown fuse indication.
  • Full IEC, UL and CSA approvals in place.

Hopefully its plain to see that these PTFIX fuse blocks offer a quick, convenient circuit protection solution for your machine/cabinet.

Please contact your local sales engineer for more information or to request a sample. Contact Scott on 07908 583375 or email



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