PSRmodular – as adaptable as a Chamelion!

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Written by Leigh Jenkins, Product Manager- Safety & Networks

Now is the time to switch from PSRtrisafe to PSRmodular – Phoenix Contact is always on hand to help…

With the pending discontinuation date for PSRtrisafe range closing in daily, the time to move over to the latest technology replacement from Phoenix Contact is NOW. Every effort will be made by Phoenix Contact to provide availability as per the timeline. Although we are already seeing an increase in demand on the PSRmodular range (due to customers who have already made the switch), this demand will affect the manufacturing and availability for the PSRtrisafe products, resulting in them becoming extremely limited or not available prior to the planned end of life date.

The comprehensive PSRmodular product portfolio allows an individual combination of different functional modules and optimal adaptation to your application whilst being confident in the economic monitoring of numerous safety functions up to PL e or SIL 3.

  • Powerful base modules as stand-alone solution for applications with up to 3 safety functions
  • Numerous expansion modules for analog value and motion monitoring; the application can be expanded to up to 160 I/Os
  • Gateways for bidirectional communication, compatible with all common bus protocols in keeping with the Phoenix Contact customer mission to providing open and versatile network products.
  • The comprehensive product portfolio
  • All common BUS protocols
  • Free to Download Programming Software. With TUV certified Function Blocks Library

The PSRmodular Software safe configuration software is used exclusively for the configuration and parameterization of the PSRmodular configurable safety system. The software will support you in all the development phases of your project, from configuration through to start-up and documentation.

Don’t delay, contact us today for a smooth transition from PSRtrisafe to PSRmodular.

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