In Teil drei unserer Reihe stellen wir euch eine weitere Studentin aus unserer Tochtergesellschaft näher vor:

Meet our third of five interns that Phoenix Contact is hosting from the United States this summer. Lianne Uroda, 20, is from Camp Hill, PA and studies Industrial & Systems Engineering at Elizabethtown College. Below Lianne will report on her internship experience.

Working with Phoenix Contact

Prior to my first internship with Phoenix Contact, I did not know anything about the company. After conducting some research during the application process, I quickly realized that their culture is unlike most companies. The friendly, welcoming atmosphere was something that really stood out to me and it has been consistent throughout my two years, at home and abroad.

At the Harrisburg location, I worked with the Information Technology – Applied Business Solutions (IT-ABS) department. Currently in Blomberg, I am a part of the Device Connectors Solutions business unit. My main focus this summer is heat sinks and the integration of them into ICS housings/enclosures. I have been assisting with virtual product development, drafting both value stream and packaging concepts, and participating in heat management technology labs. I am looking forward to contributing to a real life project and continuing to work with some amazing people. Everyone is extremely friendly, welcoming, and eager to help!

A big adjustment

Exploring LWL Open Air Museum in Detmold

Coming from the United States to Germany was very eye-opening. It has been exciting to experience the German culture, but it was definitely a big adjustment at first! I was shocked to discover that water is not free at restaurants. I have also noticed how much longer it stays daylight here…almost 4 hours longer than in the U.S. I will miss that when I return home! It was also quite eye-opening to see how seriously Germans treat Sunday as a day of rest…Americans usually use it as a day reserved for running errands, doing yard work, and preparing for the upcoming week. The public transportation is much, much better in Germany too! It is so nice how bike and pedestrian-friendly the roads are as well. It is so convenient being able to walk from my apartment to downtown or to the grocery store.

I am excited to continue working with Phoenix Contact for the next few months! I am also looking forward to my weekend trips exploring the rest of Germany and neighboring countries.

Get to Know Lianne

  • Favorite TV show: Friends
  • Favorite food: Mac & Cheese or peanut butter
  • Dream vacation: None specifically, but I love traveling and exploring new places in Europe!
  • Favorite dessert: Anything with peanut butter or fruit tart
  • Favorite sports team: I don’t watch a lot of sports, but I love the Olympics!

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