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Fraser Cowie, Product Manager- Interface

Mini analogue Pro

First came the mini analogue pro signal conditioner, which revolutionised the market and set the new standard in space and time saving for end customers.

Mini Analogue Pro communication gateways

Customers today have several problems when they need to connect a variety of signals from the field – these signals may be analogue, digital, temperature, frequency, potentiometer or limit values. To connect the signals they will need several different signal specific cards, which take up space, take time to be wired and can mean high costs per channel if every input is not utilised.

These problems are solved by the new MINI Analog Pro V8 Communication Adapter used in conjunction with MINI Analog Pro signal conditioner range.

MINI Analog Pro V8 Communication Adapter

Here are some of the advantages this can offer:

  • Integration of freely combinable signal conditioners into industrial networks
  • Interference-free signal transmission from the field level to the CPU
  • Signal-specific input cards are no longer needed
  • Quick parameterisation without software
  • Easy configuration and monitoring via mobile devices or via a pc
  • Quick and error free network connectivity

These units are available with Modbus TCP, Profibus DP and Modbus RTU options,  with Ethernet IP and Profinet available later in the year.

So what other interesting and useful offers have Phoenix Contact recently released?

Multi-functional process displays – for analogue and temperature signals

Multi-functional process displaysThe FA MCR process display enables you to monitor and display analogue and temperature signals, as well as control, using digital and analogue outputs.

Features of these displays are as follows:

  • Simple configuration of process indicators via the front keypad or use of FDT/DTM software
  • Panel  (IP20 ) or field (IP67) mounting options
  • Simultaneous display of process values via a bar graph and 7 segment display
  • Loop powered and EX versions for hazardous areas
  • HART Master functionality
  • DNV-GL approval

For more information, contact Fraser Cowie on  or tel: 07584514963.



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