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Written by Fraser Cowie, Product Manager – Interface

Phoenix Contact provides a multitude of products and solutions for the food and beverage market . In this blog I will discuss a product range that I see as particularly beneficial.

Mini analogue pro

I recently did some product training in Germany and was given various different competitor signal conditioners to wire.  I am no expert, but after 2 minutes of trying to cable one particularly complicated product I started to feel sorry for electrical engineers who regularly have to struggle just to connect a wire.

Why mention this? Phoenix Contact always designs products with the customer in mind and makes them as user friendly and easy to use and apply as possible. This is particularly true of signal conditioners and specifically the Mini Analogue Pro range. It is the professional’s choice of signal conditioner for confined spaces.

What makes the Mini Analogue Pro worth investing in?

  • A choice between screw and push-in connections
  • You can easily wire the connections in any order
  • T Bus connectivity provides fast reliable power bridging and error messaging
  • Fastcon Pro push in connection terminal blocks let the user disconnect each signal from the main body of the signal conditioner without disturbing any wires
  • In built diodes allow customers to take current measurements without disconnecting any wires
  • An integrated disconnect function
  • Easy configuration via DIP switches, software ( with extended functionality and monitoring) or smartphone app, meaning that for most applications a laptop is no longer required out in the field.

Mini analogue pro

To assist customers in selecting the right product and technology for their applications Phoenix Contact have produced a user guide for analogue signal transmission in the field of measurement control and regulation technology. Follow the link to download this useful brochure:

Download user guide

For more information and to discuss your specific application, contact Fraser  on fcowie@phoenixcontact.com  or tel: 07584514963.



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