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Written by Scott Mulholland, Product Manager- Industrial Components

With regard to our terminal range, it’s quite a common occurrence that I get asked to prove conformity to a certain standard or the adherence to specific test parameters. Thankfully, we have a wealth of information readily to hand.

It may be the case that your end customer needs assurances that the terminal components are up to the job, especially when the application is situated in harsh/extreme environments. We can help with those assurances. In addition to the standard tests in accordance with the Low Voltage directive, IEC 60947‑7‑1/‑2/‑3, we also undertake a comprehensive range of tests that ensure our terminal products are as good as they possibly can be.

If your customer has din rail terminal questions relating to any subject listed below, we will have the information to give them confidence.

This video outlines our approach to quality

The video highlights our holistic approach to quality, ensuring that every part of the production process not only uses the highest quality materials but also ensures that systematic testing and inspection takes place at each and very critical point along the production process.

I re-iterate that we build the machines and make the machine tools that actually produce our products. This gives us unrivaled ‘ownership’ of the total quality process.

Our new quality brochure can be used to ensure that your customers can be confident in the Phoenix Contact parts that you are supplying to them. But please ask us if you have questions, its always good to get peace of mind.

For more information, contact Scott Mulholland on 07908 583375 or email smulholland@phoenixcontact.com



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