E-mobility: what is its place in the All Electric Society?

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Written by Gary Chater, Industry Manager – E-mobility

Back in January, Andy Mills explored the All Electric Society and what it means to Phoenix Contact. How does E-mobility fit into this vision?

E-mobility is a broad term, new enough to mean different things to different people. It is tempting to associate it solely with cars, but at Phoenix Contact we are fortunate to be working with partners at the forefront of an even broader revolution. Projects for cars, buses, trucks, boats and electric motorcycles are underway, all of which require AC or DC inlets. Talking about a revolution sounds like hyperbole, but consider the BBC piece “Why electric cars will take over sooner than you think”: we are rapidly approaching a tipping point.

On the infrastructure side, the media are fond of suggesting that there are too few charge points for the electric cars already on the road. In the UK, the government reasons infrastructure provision is commercially attractive enough to be largely left to the private sector, particularly with a legislative deadline approaching which bans internal combustion engine cars. Nevertheless, there are many examples of projects assisted by local authority grants and these will only increase in future.

All of this means our existing and new customers have a great opportunity to capitalise on a rapidly expanding industry. We are already working with customers who are diversifying into E-mobility; perhaps your own business is well placed to expand in this way. Phoenix Contact is able to supply everything you might need for a charge point, including AC outlets; CCS cables; charge controllers; surge protection; RFID readers; HMIs; energy metering and power supplies. Crucially, we can also assist with technical support based in the UK.

With a factory dedicated solely to the manufacture of vehicle inlets, infrastructure outlets and cables for E-mobility, we are ideally placed to supply such components for your project at short notice.  Whether you require a single CCS inlet for a prototype or a custom design for production, we are here to help.

In my next blog from the E-mobility corner of the All Electric Society I look forward to talking about charge controllers and power electronics.

For more information, contact Gary on 07798 561832 or email gchater@phoenixcontact.com



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