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Written by Andy Mills, Sales & Marketing Manager- Industrial Components & Electronics

Save the planet…sustainability…eco-friendly…green…  

All words that can often lead to debate on what the correct path is for us all to take with our lifestyle and daily decisions.  Whilst we can debate on the current state of the planet, one thing that we can’t deny is that it cannot hurt to try.  To try to do things a little differently and, hopefully, better. 

With this being said, I would like to introduce the All Electric Society

The idea of the All Electric Society is a World where everyone has access to affordable, unlimited, renewable energy.  To not only utilise renewable electricity for our daily uses, but also for travel and industrial purposes. 

This concept sounds relatively achievable until you ask the questions about aspects like air travel – can an aeroplane really utilise solar/battery power?

Maybe, maybe not.   

The solution for air travel from a renewable perspective is utilising renewable jet fuels – “Power to X” 

To learn more about Power to X, click this link or do a quick Google search and you’ll find yourself an abundance of information on how electricity can be converted into heat, electricity, or synthetic fuels.  This concept is truly fascinating and could potentially change the planet for the better. 

Phoenix Contact is working with the Power to X concept and sharing our own dream of an All Electric Society, where we have a multitude of solutions to help our partners in creating a better future for our planet.   

After all, Electric is our business… 

From electric vehicle products, to solar energy solutions, to the simple terminal block that is used in nearly all electrical and renewable applications.  We believe we have the widest portfolio of solutions to help achieve the goal of a sustainable future. 

Look out for future communications from Phoenix Contact as we go on our All Electric Society journey. 

For more information, contact Andy on 07810 556667 or email



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