Don’t leave yourself unprotected!

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Check out our latest surge protectors and take advantage of our exclusive Lifetime Warranty Program.

Phoenix Contact is well known as an Industry Leader when it comes to high quality and proven Surge Protection Devices to protect your home, business or devices. Today, let’s look at our latest SPD for those higher risk applications – our new VAL-MS 100kA range.

Designed specifically for the Australian market with “Made in Germany” quality, VAL-MS 100kA SPD’s meet all the requirements for Category C3, C2 and C1 locations under AS/NZS 1768. Based on our proven VAL-MS base, the following features come standard:

  • Fully replaceable plugs – makes service and insulation testing easy
  • Standard alarm output – Relay contacts for constant SPD status indication.   
  • Ultra-narrow footprint – easy to install into any Switchboard 
  • Maximum choice – with 4 different versions covering 1 and 3 Phase, MEN and separate N-E, there is a VAL-MS 100kA for every application.
  • Best value – high level of performance and features for best possible price. 

CAPAROC – The new Customizable Electronic Circuit Breaker standard….

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By Michael Hennessy – Product Manager, Power Reliability

As a market leader in Device Circuit Breakers for 24VDC applications, we have seen an ever-increasing take up of our Electronic Circuit Breakers to protect their cabinet equipment.

Our range of Electronic Circuits has grown to include single-channel fixed or configurable versions (PTCB), 4 channel compact and advanced versions (CBMC), and our extremely popular 4 and 8 Channel CBM with fully configurable outputs. Almost enough to suit every application…. until now.

Introducing CAPAROC – the fully customizable modular Electronic Circuit Breaker solution!

CAPAROC – Electronic Circuit Breaker System

How does CAPAROC work?

CAPAROC offers a truly flexible Electronic Circuit Breaker offering which is essentially a “build your own” system for over-current protection. Choose from the following modules which are all “tool-free” install and “hot-swappable” for easy maintenance.

  • Power Module – available in basic, or advanced (networkable) versions
  • 1, 2 or 4 Channel Electronic Circuit Breaker modules
  • 0V Distribution Module
  • DC Current Rail in various sizes and fully extendable for expansion of the system.

If you already know and use our current CBM, CBMC or PTCB Electronic Circuit Breakers, you are going to love CAPAROC – contact us for a demonstration.

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CLIXTRAB – Surge Protection and Terminal Blocks come together

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In this fast paced and rapidly changing world we live in, it is vital that our Safety-related systems, such as signalling systems found on our railway networks, evolve as well.

With the advent of digitalization in the Railway network, imagine if you could combine the quality and reliability of Phoenix Contract lightning and surge protection, with the easy installation and renown versatility of our Terminal Blocks ! Meet CLIXTRAB…

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Is your power distribution fast and flexible?

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Written by John Baverstock, Product Manager – Industrial Components, Phoenix Contact UK

In times of increasing decentralisation, requirements for a power distribution installation system are also rising. Installations should be simple, fast, flexible, and as inexpensive as possible. The QPD installation system from Phoenix Contact provides interesting solutions for various applications.

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Cable management for connecting your cabinet

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Written by Nigel Venaruzzo, Product Manager – Device Connectivity and Industrial Field Connectivity

When designing your Electrical Cabinet, have you considered its location?
Is it 680m up in a service cavity of the Burj Khalifa? Does it have to withstand the harshest conditions within mining? Or is it required to withstand regular high-pressure cleaning at temperature in a food processing plant?

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Cut, Strip and Crimp – Tools to Ease Your Cabling Pains

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Cutting, Stripping and Crimping of wires sound easy and effortless. As mundane as it sounds, this task for an electrician doing daily requires a high quality, optimal tool rather than a standard tool.

Just like any other product developed by Phoenix Contact our tools range have been developed with utmost care, considering ergonomics and usability to provide quality precision and effectiveness. It is no secret Phoenix Contact tools are of the highest quality and always have been a huge talking point when visiting engineers. As one of our customers said, “If you use quality tools, your quality of work improves, and therefore you have less callouts for repairs.”

Nicely put. Let us explore more…

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Termitrab Complete

Small on Size, but BIG on Features – TERMITRAB Complete: Narrowest Surge Protection for MCR Technology

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Article by Michael Hennessy, Product Manager – Trabtech, Phoenix Contact Australia

Phoenix Contact has revolutionized surge protection devices for Measurement and Control Technology (MCR) and extra low voltage applications with the release of its TERMITRAB Complete (TTC) Range.

TTC provides you with a complete Surge Protection system kit for your MCR signals, featuring an integrated status indicator and a unique optional “optical” remote signalling set.

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Secure fuse protection

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Short circuit protection concepts with Push-in fuse terminal blocks


Every systems manufacturer – from machine building to process engineering – should be concerned with the issue of “fuse protection for circuits”. Whether it is a matter of protection against overloads or short circuits – fuses protect devices and cables from failure. The fuse elements in use today have scarcely changed in many years. Anyone who would nevertheless like some savings when wiring circuits opts for fuse terminal blocks with Push-in connection. Continue reading