Ventilator project

Phoenix Contact engineers help Aussie made ventilators come to life

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Phoenix Contact Australia has provided critical solutions to support the production of life-saving ventilators in NSW in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In May, the State Government selected Ampcontrol to design and deliver a functional emergency ventilator prototype for testing at John Hunter Hospital.

Collaborating closely with Ampcontrol engineers, Phoenix Contact was pivotal in designing several turnkey solutions for the highly crucial lifesaving project. The team successfully overcame several technical challenges and conducted vigorous bench testing. Phoenix Contact engineers created the heart and soul of the ventilator utilising the unique benefits of their power reliability solutions: QUINT power supplies, UPS and surge protection delivering the highest of quality, dependability and maximum functionality.

“It is our true privilege and honour to support Australian manufacturing, in the development and delivery of lifesaving medical equipment in our country,” says Phoenix Contact’s Managing Director, Rohan Hungerford.

“For many years Phoenix Contact has been working closely with Australian manufacturers like Ampcontrol. We continue to provide engineering knowledge, strong product solutions, and capabilities to solve critical issues.”

“Working alongside such a capable team of young men and women, gives immense inspiration and greater passion for our industry and the next generation of engineers – tomorrow’s leaders. Well done to the project team on such an amazing and rewarding achievement”.

Ampcontrol is now in the process of manufacturing 10 pilot ventilators alongside further clinical assessment and testing by NSW Health. The goal is to enable 600 ventilators to be rapidly produced in the Hunter region should the need arise.

Termitrab Complete

Small on Size, but BIG on Features – TERMITRAB Complete: Narrowest Surge Protection for MCR Technology

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Article by Michael Hennessy, Product Manager – Trabtech, Phoenix Contact Australia

Phoenix Contact has revolutionized surge protection devices for Measurement and Control Technology (MCR) and extra low voltage applications with the release of its TERMITRAB Complete (TTC) Range.

TTC provides you with a complete Surge Protection system kit for your MCR signals, featuring an integrated status indicator and a unique optional “optical” remote signalling set.

The new range features the world’s narrowest surge protection solution. At just 3.5mm wide, this device is ultra slim and compact. By using leading-edge components in this 3.5mm SPD, you can now build smaller systems to protect both analogue and digital signals and gain valuable installation space for system planning, and of course, save money in the process.

Also, the 3.5mm devices provide the highest SPD density for system expansion on the Din-rail, so you can quickly and easily expand your systems to protect up to 572 MCR signals per metre.

The 3.5mm TTC SPD is available as a push-in model, while the big brother 6.2mm TTC SPD’s provide maximum protection, features and considerable choice.

You can choose from versions with screw or push-in Terminals, knife disconnections, pluggable or non-pluggable, direct or isolated Earthing or Ex approval, to meet any specific application requirements.

No auxiliary power needed

The 6.2mm TTC models also feature an integrated status indicator that shows when the SPD has reached its end of life and requires replacing. Better still, the indicator on the surge protection device does not require any auxiliary power. The integrated thermal disconnect feature, ensures safe behavior in the event of an overload, and the measuring signal is completely unaffected ensuring the ongoing reliability of the MCR system.

You can also choose to install the optional, unique, Remote Signalling Set to remotely detect any TTC SPD’s that require replacing and maintain the integrity of the system.

The Remote Signalling Set is easy to retrofit and does not require any programming or additional wiring to the TTC SPD’s. The Transmitter and Receiver in the Set use a non-mechanical and non-electrical photoelectric barrier to monitor the status of up to 40 adjacent TTC devices and a floating relay contact transmits the status to the PLC, BMS or Control Room.

Let’s talk about reliability

TERMITRAB Complete range delivers outstanding reliability and durability. To ensure each device is robust and can perform exactly as specified, the arresters undergo thorough testing in Phoenix Contact’s accredited test lab, whilst every TTC device undergoes complete testing on the Production Line before being shipped.

The comprehensive tests include surge current tests, vibration and temperature tests as well as salt spray and corrosive gas testing. The TTC SPD’s meet SIL 3 and IEC 61508.

For additional peace of mind – by allowing a complete SPD Maintenance program, all Phoenix Contact pluggable surge protective devices can be tested with the Phoenix Contact mobile test lab, the “Check Master 2”.

More than 130 models and more being added

The TERMITRAB Complete range has over 130 models including the ultra-narrow 3.5mm, to simple single-stage 6mm surge protection units, right through to multi-stage devices with all the options.

The extensive range is suitable for 12, 24 and 48V Analogue and Digital signals including high current 6A models. As well as 2, 3 and now 4 wire RTD measurement, data and communications up to 90Mbps and Ex rated devices, and new models are being added every few months.

The latest 4 wire floating signal TTC SPD brings 4 protected signals to an SPD only 6.2mm wide. Perfect for weighing and temperature signals in the smallest possible space.

The portfolio of TERMITRAB Complete arresters is ideal for use in process technology, wind power, water and wastewater treatment, building services and infrastructure.

Why not give our online MCR Configurator a try? We make selecting the best possible TERMITRAB Complete SPD for your application as easy as 3 clicks of a mouse!

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Secure fuse protection

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Short circuit protection concepts with Push-in fuse terminal blocks


Every systems manufacturer – from machine building to process engineering – should be concerned with the issue of “fuse protection for circuits”. Whether it is a matter of protection against overloads or short circuits – fuses protect devices and cables from failure. The fuse elements in use today have scarcely changed in many years. Anyone who would nevertheless like some savings when wiring circuits opts for fuse terminal blocks with Push-in connection. Continue reading

Modernizing automation technology in the Monsheim wastewater treatment plant

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The modernization of water management systems usually only involves individual process steps. The Monsheim wastewater treatment plant, however, is undergoing a complete overhaul. The main focus of the new concept is on achieving a more process-oriented way of working, as well as reducing energy consumption, 100 percent of which is to be self-generated in future.

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The Original Push-in Connection Technology

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Consistent from the field to the controller

Push-in from Phoenix Contact is the connection technology of the future.

Push-in connection technology reduces the costs and installation times and makes a significant contribution towards leaner production processes and automated wiring.

Push-in Product Range

Phoenix Contact Push-in Technology

Push-in connection technology allows direct, tool-free conductor connection for solid conductors or conductors pre-assembled with ferrules. The special spring profile enables the easy insertion of solid conductors and conductors with ferrules starting from 0.25 mm² combined with maximum conductor pull-out forces. Continue reading

Marking Made Easy!

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Many people recognise Phoenix Contact solely as a manufacturer of terminal blocks for electrical cabinets, but not everyone knows that we actually have more than 60,000 products in our portfolio. Even though we do have a wide range of terminals to cover all your needs in control cabinet building, we also have a huge variety of other products aimed to help you in all areas of industrial cabinet connectivity and electronics.

In this post, we shed light on another significant part of our product list – Marking Systems and Labelling. Whether you need to label terminal blocks, relays and power supplies inside the cabinet, or you need to put a label on all the conductors that connect all these devices – Phoenix Contact has something to offer you.

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PLCnext Control – The Start of a New Era in Automation

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Today, there are already more networked devices than there are people, and the trend is accelerating. The traditional automation pyramid is being replaced by networked structures and cloud technologies. The requirements on the security, openness, and interoperability of these systems are increasing. Additionally, innovation cycles are being drastically shortened and different development tools and processes are needed to meet the increasingly demanding “time to market”.

These developments have to be taken into account. Today, one year after introducing the PLCnext Technology, Phoenix Contact presents the first industrial controller that is based on PLCnext Technology: PLCnext Control (order designation AXC F 2152).

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Reliable signal transmission in confined spaces

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High safety for persons and the environment – ensured by a comprehensive surge protection with minimal space requirements

The needs of system operators in the water and wastewater industry have changed drastically – there is a trend for higher packing density in the control cabinet and consequently ever narrower components. It is a characteristic of the water and wastewater treatment industry to have numerous networked processes – between field level, management level, and subsections that are usually far apart. The requirements on planners, installers, and operators of the systems are increasing steadily. Failsafe concepts are becoming more important due to the increasing implementation of electromechanical and electronic components, systems and solutions, as well as the networking between them.

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Joint solution for rain water management

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Optimally equipped for present and future requirements

In recent years, progressing urbanization – that is, the use of river-adjacent flood zones as residential areas or the sealing of city surfaces – has combined with climate change and repeatedly resulted in significant flood damage. Furthermore, sewers and wastewater treatment plants are not designed for such natural events, nor can they be usefully designed to handle them. Erecting rain drainage structures offers a remedy.

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PLCnext Technology open control platform

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The basis for an open, flexible, and future-proof controller generation

In recent years, automation technology has undergone rapid change. Examples of this include the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrie 4.0 or the constantly growing threat posed by unauthorized access attempts and malware. But what does this mean for manufacturers and users? And what opportunities could arise from such technological developments? The new PLCnext Technology for the up-and-coming controllers from Phoenix Contact provides practical answers.

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