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Written by John Baverstock, Product Manager – Industrial Components, Phoenix Contact UK

In times of increasing decentralisation, requirements for a power distribution installation system are also rising. Installations should be simple, fast, flexible, and as inexpensive as possible. The QPD installation system from Phoenix Contact provides interesting solutions for various applications.

In the case of infrastructure projects, such as bridge or tunnel lighting, on construction sites, or in numerous other applications in rough environments, installation systems with diverse types of connection are in use. There is often a preference for screw, crimp, or spring-cage connections – these technologies are particularly reliable. One disadvantage is the time-intensive preparation of the cables to be connected. Given that the time always heavily influences the total costs of an installation, it should be considered when designing and planning the devices and systems. Suitable industrial plug-in connectors can help save a lot of time and money.

Due to the Quickon quick connection technology used in the QPD installation system, installation times and the associated costs can be reduced by up to 80%. This is true regardless of whether the system is installed in a regular or in a rough environment.

Connections are made in 5 simple steps:

The specific coding of the splice body makes faulty connections practically impossible. In addition to panel feed-through with M20 and M25 threads, the 4-pin and 5-pin line includes QPD High Flexibility power distributors as H-distributors, T-distributors, line connectors, a combination of line connectors and panel feed-through, as well as a plug-in connector.

Due to the special contact properties, connection cycles are limited to a maximum of 10, which is not necessarily a disadvantage. The plug-in connector can be used in the case of higher plugging cycles, such as when systems like fair rides or building site equipment must be assembled and dismantled frequently. The plugging cycles of the plug-in connector are limited to 50.

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