Cable management for connecting your cabinet

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Written by Nigel Venaruzzo, Product Manager – Device Connectivity and Industrial Field Connectivity

When designing your Electrical Cabinet, have you considered its location?
Is it 680m up in a service cavity of the Burj Khalifa? Does it have to withstand the harshest conditions within mining? Or is it required to withstand regular high-pressure cleaning at temperature in a food processing plant?

Each application in Industry, require different solution, there is not a single solution that can meet all these needs. You need to think about, what materials are best for your solution? What’s the level of ingress protection (IP) rating required? Does it require high serviceability with ease of connection/disconnection?

Phoenix Contact product portfolio consists of multiple solutions to ensure that you get the best product for your project.

Cable glands

Our cable glands offer the highest safety and reliable holding, even if your cables are subject to high tensile forces. From plastic to metal, and EMI-resistant versions. In the case of extreme loads, choose versions with bend protection and strain relief clamps.

Cable glands

Cable Entry Systems come in two formats from the CES Multigates which are metal-reinforced cable entry plates. They provide you with numerous options for guiding cables through a control cabinet panel with a tight seal, to CES modular, which can be combined in various ways, so you can mount it assembled as well as unassembled, quickly and flexibly. The individual elements are available in a variety of shapes and for a wide range of cable diameters. The cable seals are very robust and provide a reliable seal with protection class IP54.

CES multigates

Heavy-duty connectors

You can always create the right plug-in connection for your requirements with robust housings from our three series types and matching contact inserts which can be combined: HEAVYCON STANDARD are versatile and corrosion-resistant with metal housings available with single or double locking latch. HEAVYCON EVO provide flexibility with their selectable cable outlet direction thanks to swiveled bayonet locking. HEAVYCON ADVANCE are particularly durable and robust, thanks to the direct screw locking without panel mounting base. They are suitable for very aggressive environments and can provide IP69K protection.

Heavy-duty connectors

Sockets and service interfaces

Make maintenance, servicing, and diagnostics even easier, with our Sockets and service interfaces. The robust mounting frames with IP65 degree of protection enable use in harsh industrial environments. The front plates offer numerous connection options in a confined space, as different contact inserts can be freely combined.

Service interface

There are many more possible factors when it comes to choosing the most suitable cable entry solution to your electrical panel. Let us work together in getting the best solution for the project at hand.

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