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Written by Fraser Cowie, Product Manager- Interface

Most timer relays are quite fiddly to set up and you often need some minutes and a technical data sheet to do it. The new MACX Smart Timer from Phoenix Contact can be set up in seconds and does not require access to a data sheet or a technical brochure!

MACX-TR timer relays are multifunctional timer relays with an OLED display and push buttons. Users benefit from both the intuitive handling and the precise time function setting options. You can adjust the time parameters either via an app on your smartphone, or directly using pushbuttons on the device.

Here are some of the MACX timer relay features that will make your life easier:

  • OLED screen with countdown display for monitoring the module status
  • PIN code for protection against unauthorized changes
  • Precise time settings without checking or calculating potentiometer settings
  • Error-free guided configuration
  • Rapid transmission of existing and stored configurations via smartphone using NFC communication
  • Rapid selection of the time functions via function diagrams on the clearly readable OLED screen or via smartphone app

Advantages of the multifunctional MACX-TR timer relays:

  • Up to 14 time functions – it’s the only timer you will ever need, reducing your stock holding
  • Broad supply voltage range of 24 V AC/DC to 240 V AC/DC – can be used with any traditional control voltage
  • Configurable time period: 10 ms … 999 h – good for all applications
  • Supports dry contacts allowing the use of PNP and NPN proximity switches
  • 1 or 2 floating changeover contacts and Screw or Push-In connectivity for flexibility and choice

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You can also check them out on video using the following link:

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The MACX timer is part of the COMPLETE line system, the new standard for the control cabinet.

Discover the extensive COMPLETE line product portfolio and find out more about COMPLETE line and your comprehensive solutions for the control cabinet at:



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