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Written by Gareth Chamberlain, Product Manager- Cyber Security & IT Automation

Wireless- it really is an amazing technology. The ability to send data from a PLC to remote I/O still surprises me, especially when customers bring a new application to me with what they want to achieve.

There have been some changes regarding our wireless portfolio which I would like to talk about today to bring you up to speed on what is available and achievable.

First, the bad news. I think you would be surprised to find anyone who does not know about the global semiconductor shortages and one of the articles that we provide has fallen victim to this, but of course we have a replacement for the item.

Our old faithful, FL WLAN 5110 is to be made obsolete with short notice. This is due to the aforementioned component shortages.

The FL WLAN 2010 will replace the 5110 and it brings the exact same functionality as the FL WLAN 5110 but brings more to the table. Mainly Wireless MESH networking.

This gives the ability to span a network over a wide airspace giving better coverage of the WLAN Network. This is fantastic for infrastructure projects, but mainly for Machine networking and the shop floor.

MESH wireless networking is becoming more popular with moveable machine applications, meaning your network infrastructure can be a lot more flexible in installing and, ultimately, moving applications.  

Phoenix Contact developed the wireless technology on the B.A.T.M.A.N protocol and was first tested in a live application for Hamburg Mönckebergstraße, connecting public lighting together in a Mesh network.

If you have any questions regarding any Wireless projects contact Gareth on 07946 757375 or email gchamberlain@phoenixcontact.com 



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