Why go wireless?

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Written by Andy Maskell, Product Manager- Saftey, I/O & Networks.

WirelessWireless technology has moved on in recent years to the point where there are few applications where it cannot be used. The obvious requirement for wireless technology is where it is too costly (cable and copper costs) or where it is  impossible to run cables.

Examples are:

  • Between buildings
  • Across roadways
  • Airport runways
  • Across water
  • Across third party property
  • Escalators/Lifts
  • Cranes
  • Long distance cable runs (Ethernet 100 metres limitation)

The list goes on and on.

Wireless also fits where the requirement is likely to change such as a production line expansion or a modular system that requires regular changeover for different products. It may also just be that wireless provides a convenient access point into your application or system. Of course there is not just one wireless technology, there is a choice to suit your application and below are some examples.

Bluetooth MUXBluetooth multiplex

This is a simple solution with no configuration required. 16 digital inputs to 16 digital outputs / 2 analogue in to 2 analogue outputs – both ways. A simple wireless solution up to around 100 metres.


Keeping it simple, this system has a quick set up system using the thumb wheels on the front of the I/O and radio Radiolineunits and can be used in various topologies. It can be used for digital/analogue multiplex and / or serial communications over distances of up to 30km.

Ethernet /WLAN & Bluetooth

Probably the most requested solution is Wireless Ethernet. Solutions include Profisafe over bluetooth (Ethernet). It has simple local access point and /or client arrangements.  You can also have long distance WLAN including roaming and cluster management for factory floor implementation.

Wireless safety

Wireless safety example using either WLAN or Profisafe over Bluetooth

So that’s why you should go wireless!

If you want further information or a product trial, contact Andy on 07584235440 or e-mail: amaskell@phoenixcontact .com



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