What are the benefits of Building Automation?

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Written by Deepan Patel, Industry Manager- Infrastructure

Since working for Phoenix Contact (I’m 4 months in!), I’m enjoying every moment and growing my understanding how our 60,000 products help customers in the marketplace.

My background in industrial automation started when I joined a SCADA organisation some years ago. Having worked with winning projects within BAS, I’ve come to understand the software and hardware of our ever evolving industrial world. With buzz words like Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, many platforms are becoming more integrated as cloud based solutions grow further in our market.

What are the benefits of Building Automation?

Building automation is where automated processes control a building’s operations such as heating, ventilation, lighting, security as well as the systems. Using sensors, actuators and microchips within a building allows all its operational data to be centrally gathered and, therefore, managed. The management of this data helps to maintain the buildings climate; light rooms based on occupancy schedule, monitor and control energy, potentially providing energy costs and maintenance savings.

The benefits of a building automation system are provided to both the owner and the organisations working within. The main benefits are the energy savings as well as providing productivity gains for staff within the building, basically making the building work for the inhabitants or users. A typical example of this is using optimal start and stop techniques to bring the air-conditioning system online for particular areas in the building. The savings, which you gain, could be focused elsewhere entirely and will far outweigh the initial costs of installing a building automation system.

How can Phoenix Contact help?

ILC 2050With a width of just 80mm, our answer to the BAS market is our ILC 2050 BI controller designed around the heartbeat of Niagara 4 framework. The ILC 2050 BI offers integration of numerous protocols as standard, which means no special module add-ons are required.

Making the switch for system integrators should be easy knowing that there is no risk for them as they will be using our hardware with a software package they already know well and understand. Couple this with our Inline I/O Flexible system solution; we believe we have a great offer for the market!

The cost effective industrialised inline I/O system offers a wide range of digital, analogue, and special-function terminals. Our ILC 2050 BI controller provides some key benefits:

  1. Reduce your engineering costs using our In-Line I/O modules.
  2. Pay for what you need using our In-Line I/O, hanging off 63 modules using one ILC 2050 BI Controller!
  3. No need to purchase additional Ethernet switch. We provide a 4 port Integrated Ethernet switch in the price!
  4. Colour coded modules.

Phoenix Contact is making headway to becoming a key influence in the BAS market. Take a look at our quick video on how to setup our ILC 2050 controller here:

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For more information, contact Deepan on 07908 485011 or email dpatel@phoenixcontact.com



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