Turn your circuit breaker into an IoT enabled device

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There are number of trends in the world of automation, one of the more recent ones is the increasing use of circuit breakers designed specifically to protect DC lines. So called electronic device circuit breakers are fast replacing standard AC circuit breakers as the first choice.  Despite AC breakers being lower cost the technical advantages of DC electronic breakers to protect critical loads and the peace of mind that brings is driving a rapid growth in their usage.

One of our more popular products is the 4 channel CBMC electronic circuit breaker. Each channel can be individually set up to a maximum of 10A to protect the connected loads. In our Vlog we are featuring a version with an IO-link interface which now enables remote access to the device via platforms such as Proficloud.

Phoenix Contact’s PROFICLOUD is a platform for IoT-based automation systems. It utilises an analytic software tool called Time Series Data or TSD. PROFICLOUD is used for integrating new and existing systems without additional engineering costs.

In this example we have used the Time Series Data service to monitor a Phoenix Contact CBMC as described by Product Manager Mark Lloyd. In the video we demonstrate the ability to remotely monitor both the setting as well as the load current of each channel of the CBMC.

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How does the IoT Gateway work? Take a look at the diagram below:

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