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Written by Fraser Cowie- Product Marketing Manager- Interface

Best Switching So what is it that Phoenix Contact does exactly? Everyone knows that we make those little green connections that are on Printed Circuit Boards, but what else?

The answer is we make just about anything that can connect, control and automate your application – from cabling solutions to programmable logic controllers. For now let’s focus on the simple side of the automation business – switching things on and off!

There are a plethora of different switching products on the market that all the do the same thing, so Phoenix Contact has tried to look at them from the user point of view to make them smaller, easier to use and wire and more flexible than their competition.

Phoenix has a variety of innovative switching offers – here are some of the best:


PLC RelayThe market leading PLC relay range is second to none thanks to:

  • Comprehensive product range with versions for special applications
  • Just 6.2 mm wide with plug-in electromechanical and solid-state relays
  • Logic functions, thanks to extension with PLC logic
  • Quick plug-in connection between controller and relay, thanks to system cabling adapter

The RIFLINE relay range

  • Easy handling, thanks to modern wiring and potential distribution concept
  • Easily extended to create a time relay by means of a plug-in special function module
  • Your choice of easy connection technology: whether screw, or Push-in connection technology


ContactronThe Contactron hybrid motor starter was the first product on the market to offer up to four functions in one: forward and reverse switching, overload protection and integrated safety function.

The range has been developed and extended and modules now available include:

  • Short circuit protection, with integrated fast blow fuses providing a motor starter that meets coordination type 2 according to IEC/EN 60947-4-2
  • Networkable offer that can connect to any standard network via a gateway
  • I/O Link version that can be controlled by any I/O Link Master

Also available from Phoenix Contact are Safety relays (the smallest in the world!) single and multi-function Timers and Voltage and Current Monitoring relays, so Phoenix Contact has got all your switching needs covered.

For more information, read our latest UPDATE magazine dedicated to switching solutions.

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