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Written by Gary Nelson, Senior Product Manager- Device Connections

When working on a new design and you need to decide which connection technology to use wouldn’t it be useful if you could try before you buy?

With so many connectors to choose from, as a design engineer you may need to try a few products before committing to the one that really fits your needs. If you include the different connection types for the printed circuit board (PCB) and how to connect the wires to the connectors themselves the choice becomes ever greater.

When you have reached an initial connector choice or more one of the main issues you may then face is having to commit to buying a complete box quantity. The last thing you want to do at this stage is start the process all over again because the option of only buying one or two pieces simply isn’t available.

To help ease this burden in the design process Phoenix Contact has launched an online sample service offering in excess of 3000 parts. The ranges include printed circuit board (PCB) terminal blocks, PCB connectors and circular connectors which are all available free of charge. When you are viewing a part on our website if it is available as a sample you’ll see the sample service image. If, however, another product within the range is available instead i.e. a different number of poles or a different colour you’ll be given the option of viewing the alternative part which you can then order as a sample instead.   

We want to ensure that choosing the connectors for your next design project is as straightforward as possible, so you don’t need to register to use the system. In a few easy to follow steps you can choose the connector or connectors you want, complete the required data fields and have them delivered directly to your door, for free. All requests placed before 2pm are ready for shipment the same day and after 2pm they will be processed the following day, so you know your sample will arrive quickly.

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